France warning: Reusable face masks banned on all French flights as easyJet enforce rule

France has enforced very strict rules when it comes to face masks in recent days. The new regulations apply to public places in France itself but travellers also risk being caught out when it comes to flights. Most airlines are demanding fliers wear face masks now.

However, French rules see this rule go one step further.

Passengers must be wearing a single-use mask.

Reusable face coverings are not permitted.

This comes despite the fact that the majority of airlines permit this type of multi-use mask.

French legislation explains: “All persons aged eleven or over shall, on board an aircraft engaged in public transport to, from or within the national territory, wear the protective mask referred to in section I of Article 49 from the moment of boarding.”

These “protective masks” are detailed as EN 14683 – standard, single-use surgical masks.

The French rule issued on July 10 states this applies to international and internal flights in France.

Air France explains that only the blue disposable masks will be allowed on flights.

It states: “You will be denied boarding if you are not wearing a surgical mask.”

However, it’s not just French airlines following this regulation.

Two easyJet passengers ran in difficulty when the British airline implemented this rule on a flight to France.

One told local media their high-protection white hospital mask was deemed unsuitable.

Meanwhile, another claimed their reusable fabric mask was considered unacceptable.

However there were no mask vending machines at the airport and nor did the airline sell any, Connexion France reported.

The fliers are said to have relied on the kindness of strangers after other passenger lent them reusable masks.

An easyJet spokesman explained that the mask rule is requirement from the French authorities which they must adhere to.

He told “The French authorities have passed legislation that requires all passengers over the age of 11 travelling to and from France by air to wear a disposable surgical mask and no other types of face masks will be accepted.

“easyJet is informing customers of this requirement via email, SMS and Flight Tracker ahead of departure.

“Customers are also alerted to the importance of checking any current travel requirements on our homepage and via our Know Before You Go information pages at”

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