France holidays: New beach rules? This holiday hotspot is cordoning off beachgoers

Holidays abroad this year and in the future are likely to look very different. With new sanitation, social distancing and safety rules in place, tourists are likely to see a different side to their holidays. However, despite some of the new rules being extreme, the measures are to protect customers and employees of the travel and tourism industry.


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Now, one holiday hotspot in France has decided to implement its own unique social distancing system on their beaches.

La Grande Motte, near Montpellier in the Herault region of southern France has decided to implement new stringent measures to tackle social distancing.

The beach is allowing people who visit to have three and a half hour slots.

But people can’t just turn up and choose a slot, visitors have to rebook.

Reportedly, all the areas on the beach were booked up within two days.

Visitors are allowed to swim in the sea but must adhere to a one-way system when they are going into the water and when they are leaving the water.

Visitors to the booking website are told that this is a model that is being tested.

It said: “This arrangement, which we wanted to make it as simple and natural as possible, is an experience.

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“We do not pretend to find perfect answers for all beach lovers, but more modestly to test a model of organisation that allows you to use your towel for sunbathing with maximum sanitary protection.

“So let’s play the game together!

“You have chosen your morning or afternoon.

“You go to the beach reception point with your reservation.

“You use your square reserved at your own pace, in your time slot.

“You settle in your reserved space, you have brought your own things.

“You respect the common rules that allow you to guarantee both distance and tranquility.

“Test our beach, enjoy your time, respect the rules we offer and share your observations with us.”

Beaches in France were reopened to the public but sunbathing has been prohibited due to social distancing concerns.

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced that French nationals re-entering the country from Europe will be subject to a “voluntary” 14-day quarantine either at their homes or in a hotel.

At the moment, those entering France from Europe, including the UK, do not have to quarantine themselves except those arriving from Spain.

France has not officially responded to the UK’s own quarantine rules which will be put in place from June 8, which include French citizens.

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