Flight attendant warns passengers ‘never do this’ on plane – ‘drives attendants bonkers!’

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Flight attendant Kat Kamalani shares useful travel tips and tricks for passengers on her TikTok account (@katkamalani). This time, she’s shared one annoying thing that can really drive a flight attendant “bonkers”.

Kamalani said: “If you’re doing these two things on an aircraft, you shouldn’t anymore.

“This drives flight attendants absolutely bonkers when you hit your flight attendant call button if we are on the tarmac or if we’re going up or down on the aircraft.

“The reason being it’s a huge safety issue for us and we could get injured and the same with you guys.

“So on the tarmac if you hit this and it’s not some type of emergency, we’re going straight back to our seat.

“If you hit this while we’re going up on the aircraft or while we’re going down and we’re landing, we won’t even come to the light.

“We’ll come to it afterwards. But don’t hit this button if you need a barf bag or a blanket or water, headphones, food or any of that stuff because your flight attendant won’t be so happy.”

Kamalani shared the tip with her 757,000 TikTok followers and got over 200,000 likes for the video.

However one commenter, usernumber661, said: “Wouldn’t they be less happy with barf on the floor?”

Another TikToker funkie_fungi said: “When I was nine I kept on hitting the button because I didn’t know what it did, I’m so sorry”.

Every seat on an aircraft normally has a flight call button in their overhead console next to the passenger’s reading light.

Although the button normally shows a flight attendant with a tray, some attendants would say it shouldn’t be used for service.

Some passengers use the button to call an attendant to ask for a drink, a blanket or an extra pair of headphones.

However, some airlines consider the attendant call button an emergency button which should only be used in serious situations.

Despite that, flight attendants would generally prefer passengers use the button rather than come to find the attendant on the plane.

While economy passengers are normally stuck with a basic call button, first class passengers have a few more luxury options.

First class travellers with Emirates can voice or even video call the crew to ask for any requests.

Other first class passengers don’t ever feel the need to press the button as the attendant passes through their cabin as often as every 15 minutes.

A common use for the flight call button for middle seat passengers is to call an attendant to wake a sleeping passenger.

Middle seat passengers definitely have the short deal on a flight and sometimes even get trapped behind another traveller.

However, if passengers don’t want to drive their attendant bonkers, they might want to avoid using the button while the plane is on the tarmac.

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