Flight attendant uses clever shoe hack to stay ‘germ-free’ at airport security

When it comes to travel there are plenty of things that cause extra stress and annoyance – but luckily there are plenty of flight secrets to help make the experience that little bit smoother.

For example, having to buy water once you've gone through security is no longer an issue thanks to one man’s free hack.

Now, a flight attendant has solved another two irritating problems when flying.

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TikTok creator, @respectthejourney, claimed she buys two specific items from the shops to stay 'germ-free' and find items easily when travelling through the airport.

Her first time? Plastic shoe covers.

Cici revealed that she packs these when the security staff ask her to take off her shoes.

Many of us will have experienced the same when wearing high trainers, boots or heels – though cabin crew also warn you should never wear high heels on a flight.

Cici said: "When you're going through airport security, just slip your shoes off, put these on, and walk through the security scanner germ free."

The airline worker claims they’re also useful for wearing in the hotel if you’re worried about when the floors were last cleaned.

You can buy foot covers from Amazon for £4.96, but Cici has recommended using shower caps if you don't want to buy the covers.

Her second tip involved buying short bungee cords with hooks on the end, to help her carry her bags more easily and leave her hands free for juggling passes and passports.

She noted: "You can hook the cord through the handle of your suitcase and attach your carry on. You can just hook it right on there."

Grab bungee cords from Toolstation for around £1.79.

Finally, Cici uses a carabiner key – which is like a hiking clip for bottles – to her empty water bottle.

You can attach it to your bag and ask at a bar or restaurant to have them fill it with tap water for free.

In the comments, people praised the easy hacks.

One person exclaimed: "I have 470 PAIRS of shoe covers.

"We had to have them when selling our house in the beginning of covid.


"Love the bungee cord tips,"wrote another.

A third added: "Wow I see a lot of tips and these were useful and I’ve never heard of them before!!"

What’s your favourite travel hack? Tell us in the comments…


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