Flight attendant shares what passengers should avoid during Covid – ‘never cleaned!’

Flight attendant gives examples of what not to do on an aircraft

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While airlines are doing as much as possible to keep the aircraft clean and disinfected, it remains a closed space where physical distancing is not followed. Cabin crew have shared what passengers should always do and what they should avoid at all costs while travelling. 

Flight attendant Dan Air has shared some insight on what passengers should do at all times during their flight to avoid catching Covid on the plane.

“I’d say the first thing is to actually listen to your cabin crew. If we ask you to wear your mask, wear it.

“If we ask you to keep the aisles clear, keep it clear.

“If we ask you to stay seated and avoid movement in the cabin as much as possible, just do it,” he said.

“Believe us when we say we’re not asking you to do these things because we want to wind you up.

“We’re doing it because it is part of our role onboard to keep you safe.

“And whether you agree with wearing masks or not or think COVID is a hoax.

“Regardless we’re in the middle of a global pandemic so we need to all work together to get through this,” he explained.

Although airlines have new policies in place which include the disinfection of the aircraft, passengers should avoid touching any surfaces as much as possible.

That includes the seat pockets which according to cabin crew, is an area that always gets overlooked.

Seat pockets are “cleared of the rubbish but are never ‘cleaned,’” which means it’s filled with bacteria.

Passengers usually leave anything in the seat pockets, from empty bottles to tissues, that is why avoid touching this area is essential.

Flight attendant Kat Kamalani shared her number one sanitation rule while onboard a plane: “never consume any liquid.”

She explained: “Rule No. 1: Never consume any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle.

“The reason being is because those water tanks are never cleaned.”

Instead, passengers should carry their own bottle and fill it up once they have cleared security.

For hot drinks, the flight attendant recommended just not getting one or buying it before boarding the plane and transfer it to a thermal bottle.

Travellers should also avoid going barefoot around the plane, but instead, make sure to wear socks, at least.

Cabin crew revealed that not only the floor never gets properly cleaned, but not wearing shoes is also a safety concern.

In the case of an emergency, going barefoot would mean you need to spend precious time putting your shoes on before evacuating.

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