Flight attendant shares packing tip – ‘cuts down on creases’ and saves ‘crucial space’

Simon Calder offers travel baggage advice

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Rhiannon Corbett is a flight attendant at Emirates. The cabin crew member shared her top packing tips with Express.co.uk.

Rhiannon said: “Whenever possible, you should try pack your suitcase to maximise space.

“Do consider the benefits of rolling your clothes rather than folding. Tightly rolling clothes into compact pieces not only allows for fitting more items into the suitcase but also cuts down on creases.

“Do try using packing cubes. Packing cubes are a great way to compress your clothing and accessories to maximise space in your suitcase, organise your items and prevent items moving around while travelling.”

Packing cubes can really help when it comes to separating clothing and can be placed straight into the wardrobe on arrival.

The cabin crew member added: “Wear your heaviest items rather than packing them.

“Wearing your bulky items such as coats and jackets can help save up crucial space in your suitcase!

“Don’t overpack, one of the best ways to pack a suitcase to maximise space is to pack only what you intend to use.”

Rhiannon said that most items people can forget can be purchased either at the airport or at their destination.

Sometimes a hotel may even be able to lend a customer a power adapter or may have its own small toiletries.

Rhiannon said: “Do consider using refillable travel bottles, not only are they good for the environment but they also prevent you from taking more product than you really need!

“Don’t forget to label them with a smudge-proof pen.

“Keep toiletries within reach, as this will make it much easier and more convenient for you to grab items that will help you feel refreshed after a long flight.

“Keep your toiletries in a clear cosmetic bag. Choosing a waterproof cosmetic bag will not only make it easier to see everything you have packed, but it will prevent any spills from leaking into the rest of your bag.”

A suncream leak can stain clothes so it’s a great idea to store toiletries in a waterproof bag to travel.

If tourists don’t own a waterproof bag, they could store liquid items in a disposable plastic bag for airport security.

Rhiannon said it’s always a good idea to pack with plenty of time to spare to make sure tourists feel prepared.

If tourists forget toiletries or don’t have enough room to pack them, they can use duty free click and collect services at the airport.

Shops including Boots offer a click and collect service so tourists can pick up the items once they’re through security.

Airlines often won’t count a duty free bag as cabin baggage so it’s also a good way for tourists to bring extra items.

Any overflow luggage can be put in the plastic duty free bag and carried onto the plane for no extra cost.

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