Flight attendant shares packing hack to escape travel chaos – ‘too much hassle’

Flight attendant explains how to properly pack a bag

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Jane Hawkes is a former flight attendant and consumer expert. She shared her top packing hacks with Express.co.uk to help Britons avoid the travel chaos this summer.

Jane told Express.co.uk: “I only ever go if I possibly can with hand luggage because it’s just too much hassle to check it on a normal basis.

“Never mind at the moment when it’s chaos.”

Tourists who travel with just hand luggage won’t need to worry about checking in bags at the airport.

If Britons do need to take more luggage, they could try to check it in the night before if they live near the airport.

But how can Britons fit everything in their suitcase?

Jane recommends that people use travel roll storage bags which can be easily purchased online.

She said: “You can do the rolling method without them, but the storage bags really help to tighten the rolls.

“It’s like a vacuum bag but you don’t need a hoover to use them. Take things that don’t crease.”

She added: “Go for neutral colours because what you want is simple outfits. You could put together some outfits for a variety of occasions.

“It’s easier for women because we tend to have some summer dresses and small items of clothing. But there’s no reason why men can’t do it as well.”

Recently, many Britons have faced issues with luggage at UK airports. A system failure at Heathrow saw many Britons forced to travel without luggage.

Jane shared her top hack to keep track of luggage if passengers do end up needing to check in a bag.

She said: “I have a bright coloured bag, a nice fluorescent pink one. There’s far too many similar bags out there.

“Some people even have photos of their faces on their bags because at least you can recognise yourself!

“It could be the tags you use on it, the colour or it could be a picture but make sure that it’s recognisable in case anything happens.

“Always make sure you pick the optimal size of bag and it does vary so definitely check with your airline first.”

Ryanair flights allow passengers to bring one small personal bag for free which must be 40x20x25cm.

Passengers can pay extra to bring a bag to put in the plane’s overhead locker which can be no more than 55x40x20cm.

easyJet passengers can bring one small cabin bag for free which must be 45x36x20cm and fit under the seat in front.

Passengers could also bring a bag for the overhead locker if they pay extra which must be smaller than 56x45x25cm.

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