Flight attendant shares item she ‘will not travel without’

Flight attendant and TikTok creator @danidboyy1 took to the sharing platform to give travel enthusiasts her top tips and tricks. She told viewers about four things she will not go on a trip without.

The flight attendant’s first tip is all about personal safety and feeling comfortable, which is essential for all travellers but particularly those travelling alone.

She said: “I literally will not travel without my portable lock. This gadget is perfect if you’re a solo traveller or staying in a room that does not have a deadbolt.”

A true seasoned traveller, the insider revealed that in her experience of hotels – which she stays in roughly three times per week – there have been several occasions where someone has tried to access her room, whether this is a cleaner or a complete stranger.

In light of this, the flight attendant said: “I just sleep so much better and feel so much safer knowing that I have this.”

Her next essential item was the Apple AirTag, which allows Apple users to keep track of their things.

She recommended travellers place the AirTag in their suitcases to help locate their bags during their travels.

The flight attendant’s next tip was to invest in an easily accessible suitcase that opens from the top as opposed to like a book.

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Her “most used travel essential” is an international travel adapter – “bonus points if it has a USB port”. This item alleviates any potential panic around running out of charge abroad.

The flight attendant’s tips were hugely popular on TikTok, amassing a whopping 21,000 likes and just under 5,000 saves from those prepping for future trips.

@joeytinneyboy commented: “This post has changed my life forever, mind-blowing.”

@thegreenwichmassive added: “Thanks for sharing, especially the travel lock as friends were robbed in London recently when they were here on holiday from the US (5* hotel!)

One mum thanked the seasoned flight attendant for her useful tricks of the trade: “My daughter is starting next month. Your videos have been very useful from my point of view too as I know a few things I can buy to help her.”

Former flight attendant turned TikTok creator Kat Kamalani also made a video on her top travel items.

For hungry flyers, the insider suggested bringing a cooler bag plus an insulated bowl to store soups, smoothies, salads etc.

This means travellers can avoid spending loads of money on the “not good” food on planes or the airport.

To keep things cold, pop in some ice packs filled with ice to “keep it cold the whole entire trip”.

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