Flight attendant says you shouldn’t use loo paper on planes due to ‘misfiring’

A flight attendant has issued a warning to holidaymakers by revealing why they should never use toilet paper in plane toilets.

Brenda, from Miami, often shares travel tips and airport hacks on TikTok and answers viewers' questions on the tricks of the trade.

In a recent video, she urged to people to "always use tissue paper over toilet paper".

The air hostess explains: "When turbulence hits and little boys and girls, well little boys, who are pointing and shooting, they kind of, you know, point and shoot everywhere.

"That usually ends up on the toilet paper, so if you don't want that kind of stuff in your nether regions, the tissue paper is usually up top, it's cleaner.

"So just use that instead of toilet paper."

People found it shocking, with some saying they would even consider bringing their own toilet paper from now on.

One said: "Why didn't you tell this sooner? Like 30 years ago!"

"I could've gone my whole life without knowing this. Thank God I bring wipes with me!" a second commented.

Some said they usually pack washable wipes with them when they travel while a few said they would avoid using airplane toilets or any public toilet if possible.

Brenda also gave tips for a "smooth" security check at airports.

She suggested people to wear easy-to-remove shoes to save up time to take off and put them back on

She also said there's a way to get large liquids through the security check.

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"Simple, freeze them," Brenda said. "They pass through the security checkpoint as solid."

Hotel room safety is also crucial when it comes to travelling in a foreign country.

Flight attendant Anja shared a tip to suggest people to "replace your room key with a spare card to keep on the air con and your things charging".

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