Flight attendant says it’s easy to check if someone’s been in your hotel room

When on holiday, your hotel room quickly becomes a home-away-from-home, and while housekeeping usually tidy up while you're out, some people don't want anyone in their room.

Thankfully, flight attendant Demi Bonita, from Spain, explained how she always knows if someone has been in her room without permission on TikTok,

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She said: "Put the do not disturb card between the door, so you can notice if someone has been in your room."

Demi slotted the hanger that usually goes on the front of the door in-between the wall and the entrance before shutting it and heading out.

After an hour, she returned to her room to show that the sign was still in the same place.

"One hour later, no one has been here," she commented.

Demi noted that the trick only works if your room has already been cleaned for the day and if you’re not expecting a hotel staff member to fix anything in your room.

She re-iterated that it’s important to remember that other people have key cards.

Demi said: "Your hotel card is not the only card that works."

The flight attendant also pointed out that you don’t have to use the room key to keep the electricity on.

Most of us usually pop the room card into the slot to activate the lights.

But, Demi noted that you cab use any other card – like a credit card – to keep the lights or air-con on.

She's not the only cabin crew member to have previously revealed easy safety tricks you can use.

One frequent traveller previously revealed they always put a bottle under their hotel bed as an easy way of checking if somebody could be hiding under the frame.


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