Flight attendant names her favourite airline – ‘I shouldn’t say, but’

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When going on holiday overseas, the first real holiday moment is stepping on a plane and being greeted by cabin crew. Flight attendants spend their lives travelling, and they know a thing or two about the best, and worst, places to explore.

Fiona Mallinson has been flying for two decades.

Joining Doors2Manual after being grounded during the pandemic, she’s swam with turtles, manta rays and whale sharks and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Fiona said: “As cabin crew, we’ve sometimes been to destinations that travel agents wouldn’t have gone to.

“We go to places which aren’t necessarily holiday hotspots or tourist destinations.

“Of course, we’ve been to them as well, but we got a better insight into places that are a bit more off the beaten track.”

Her knowledge of destinations all over the world makes Fiona a fantastic travel concierge.

She said: “When we are out there, we are able to whatever we like, we can visit whatever areas in the cities or the country that we like.

“We’re free to roam essentially.”

Free to roam, Fiona has intimate knowledge of many places around the world, and she’s not afraid to say it like it is.

She commented: “As cabin crew, we don’t have a choice in the hotel that we’re put in.

“We could also, dare I say, give hotels to avoid, in the most diplomatic way.

“It’s not always a positive experience.

“We travel to these destinations all year round as well, so we know the good seasons to travel in, because we don’t necessarily travel during the summer season.

“We can say, actually, this is not the most popular time to go but it’s beautiful and the temperature is just perfect.”

Fiona proved a gold mine of information, and she even told Express.co.uk what her favourite airline was.

She said: “I love Singapore, I shouldn’t say, I worked for a different airline, but I think their service is second to none, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in economy, or first class.”

She explained her reasoning too, letting everyone in on a fantastic experience she’s had on the airline.

“My husband dropped a drink on himself and they had the shirt off his back, dried and pressed and back to him within an hour.

“I don’t know how they did it, I certainly didn’t have those facilities on my aircraft.

“It was just incredible, and we were just travelling in economy, you know.”

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