Flight attendant exposes secret toilet cabinet which holds ’emergency products’

An airline worker has revealed a hidden cabin in the restroom on planes where passengers can find "emergency" female products.

Joselin Lora, who works for Delta Airlines in the US, left her viewers stunned when she shared the travel advice on TikTok.

The 27-year-old films inside a toilet and explains: "For those who fly Delta, especially the ladies, on some planes there's a button under the mirror where if you press it, it'll open.

"And in the mirror you will find amenities of your needs like a pad."

She opens the mirror and inside it is filled with tissue boxes, sanitary pads, small paper bags and also a hand lotion refill.

"In other planes, it is a pull out box on the walls," the cabin services worker added.

Her video has quickly amassed 3 million views over a week and many viewers said it was a good tip to know.

One said: "When I was younger I used rotating toilet paper trick during a 5-hour flight, this would have been nice to know then."

Another commented: "What? This is definitely a great thing to know! Thanks for sharing."

But some said the cabin was meant for stocking amenities and it's not meant for passengers.

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"Well it's not for passengers to open," a viewer wrote. "If there's none, ask crew member and they can restock the things like toilet paper for you."

A second shared her thoughts: "If it's accessible to everybody, then don't be surprised if people grab one or two."

And Joselin reassured the viewers: "We always have extra."

Meanwhile, a flight attendant showed some of the most "filthy" places on a plane and advised passengers "not to touch" them.

The seat pocket is one of the common "no-go" areas as crew members tend not to clean them between flights.

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