First UK airport scraps 100ml liquid rule with more to follow in 2024

London City Airport has scrapped the 100ml rule when passing through security from today.

The change comes as the airport begins to use its new higher tech CT scanners.

This means that you can now take more liquids on board – up to two litres instead of one – and you don’t need to get them out of your bag to scan.

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Equally, laptops and other tech don’t need to be placed separately on the tray and can be left in your cabin bag.

The original liquids and electronic rules came into place in 2006 after a plot to bring down flights was discovered.

Now, the government has told all UK airports that they must change over to the new CT scanners by June 2024.

Over on BBC breakfast, transport correspondent Katie Olsen explained: "Once the passengers, a mix of business travellers and leisure travellers, have checked in they’ll go upstairs to the security area.

"These passengers can take two litres of liquid in those cabin bags.

"This is something that’s already been done at Teeside airport, but here at London City they’ve now got new technology in place at all their security lanes as well.

"The idea is that these new rules will make things a lot quicker, a lot smoother.

"While not many airports have made the change yet it should be rolling out to other airports pretty soon.

Rikki Pluck, security performance delivery manager, London City Airport said: "You don’t need the small plastic bag anymore.

"You can leave all your liquids inside your bag.

"You can take up to two litres in a bottle."

He added that laptops and technology can also be left in the bag and it will all go straight through the security without faffing about.

Katie noted that the new CT scanners provide an "advanced 3D image of everything in the bags".

This means security workers are more easily able to identify what’s in the bags – including what’s safe to take on board and what isn’t.

Alison Fitzgerald, COO of London City Airport, noted: "The level of processing now through the X-Ray is even more secure than it was previously.

"We can get 30% more passengers through than we could previously."

One passenger commented: "It’s so much easier."

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Others noted that it felt a lot quicker and there was "far less queueing."

There is still a list of items you cannot take on board flights from scissors and knives to explosives, acids and bio hazards.

Some fragrances – such as Spicebomb in a black bottle – are prohibited in both hand luggage and hold bags.

You can check what is not allowed on board flights on the London City Airport website.


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