‘Entitled’ model delays flight to eat oysters and leaves passengers fuming

An influencer sparked fury after holding up a Jetstar flight while she sat eating oysters.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews didn’t stay at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport in New South Wales airport when her flight to Sydney was delayed by 2.5 hours.

Instead, she left to dine at a beachside restaurant with a travel companion.

The mum-of-two took video footage from the eatery, where she enjoyed a seafood dinner.

But in the meantime, a plane engineer had sorted the problem quicker than anticipated.

The flight was rescheduled for 6:20pm and airport staff had to ring Ruby to return to her gate.

Ruby and her travel companion came back to the airport 30 minutes after the plane was due to take off, which enraged fellow holidaymakers.

In a video published on Daily Mail, they were heckled by fellow passengers who shouted “how were the oysters” and “what a day to be pretty” at them.

The Instagram star defended herself and said it was an “innocent mistake”.

She claims not to have heard the announcement and later blamed Jetstar staff for how they responded to the problem.

Ruby also pointed out that others returned to to plane even later than she had.

In an Instagram rant, Ruby said: “I had a pretty traumatic flight experience, thanks Jetstar, you never cease to amaze me.

“I’m sorry but it really was not my fault…we were told it was going to be taking off at 7.45pm, I had not eaten since my smoothie that morning because I had been in back-to-back meetings.

“I was like ‘f*** this, I'm going to get food out of the airport, it's two hours until our flight takes off, I'm going to go’.

“I walked out, I did not hear the second announcement that apparently said ‘do not leave the airport’.

“I didn't hear that, I swear to god, I wouldn't have left the airport, I'm not a d***head, I do have respect for everyone else.”

Even though Ruby described the ordeal as “traumatic”, she went on to poke fun at it.

One day after her delayed flight, she headed out for oysters with a friend in Sydney.

She cheekily branded the incident “#oystergate”, which is likely to re-ignite anger from critics who have branded her "entitled".

Daily Star Online has contacted Jetstar for comment and is awaiting a response at the time of publication.

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