easyJet flight attendant shows clever plane sick bag travel hack – ‘how it’s done’

EasyJet demonstrates the viral phone holder bag hack

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An easyJet flight attendant has shared a clever travel hack with an ingenious way to use plane sickbags. In one simple move, the sickbag can be used as a phone holder.

On easyJet’s TikTok, a member of the cabin crew demonstrated how passengers can use their sick bag for a more comfortable flight.

The flight attendant said: “We’ve seen a rise in passengers cleverly using these (sick bags) as phone holders for inflight hands free viewing.

“Take the bag and place it between your cover and your phone. Then simply connect it to the tray table latch.”

The flight attendant then shows off how the phone is secured to the latch and people can watch movies on their phone without holding it.

She adds: “If you want to try it make sure you return the bag for the next passenger to reduce waste.

“Remember to save any viewing until after your crew has delivered the inflight safety demonstration.”

One passenger asked: “But what happens if I can’t find a sick bag?”

easyJet replied: “Did you know we have a tray phone holder onboard most of our aircraft so passengers can watch entertainment on their phone, no bag required?”

Many of the budget airline’s tray tables will have a little ledge at the back where passengers can rest their phones.

Another person said: “The fact that they’re actually embracing this, shows they’re a wonderful airline.”

The majority of easyJet flights will have an orange and white shaped sick bag in the holder on the back of the seat in front.

Cabin crew should also be able to provide passengers with a sickbag if there isn’t one in the holder.

However, one person was worried the viral hack could cause holes to develop in the airline’s sick bags.

If there is a tray rest available on a plane, it’s probably a better idea to use that instead of a sick bag.

Queasy passengers will be able to receive another bag from cabin crew if their bag has a hole in it.

Another passenger said: “So happy I saw this before my flight back home on Sunday.”

The majority of short-haul flights don’t have inflight entertainment for passengers so many people use their own.

As phones and electronic devices will need to be in airplane mode for flights, passengers will need to download films before their journey.

Although some planes offer Wifi this is often an extra cost and may not be strong enough to watch films.

TikTok has fast become a library of travel hacks with passengers eager to share how people can carry extra luggage or get freebies onboard.

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