DP World chief hails 'very strong' UK economy

Chairman and CEO Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem told Arabian Business the ports operator will continue to invest in the UK, despite the continuing challenges of Covid and Brexit

DP World operates a network of ports and data-driven logistics businesses around the world, including Dubai’s flagship port Jebel Ali.

Dubai’s DP World has 100 percent confidence in the United Kingdom, despite the country’s continuing supply chain concerns caused by the twin shocks of Covid-19 and Brexit.

The ports operator recently announced a $300 million investment at its London Gateway logistics hub to increase supply chain resilience and create more capacity in the UK facility.

It builds on the $2 billion investment DP World has made in Britain over the last decade, with work set to begin on the new fourth berth this month.

He added: “There are many opportunities in the UK and, especially as the Far East locked down, many manufacturers are going to look to relocate and the UK will be a very good location for many industries.”

Bin Sulayem (pictured below) was speaking during a media round table event at Expo 2020 Dubai, where the company’s pavilion, which is designed around the theme of ‘making trade flow’, was officially opened.

Visitors will be able to explore the movement of commerce around the world that drives the global economy, giving a unique insight into the innovative technology of supply chains. DP World operates a network of ports and data-driven logistics businesses around the world, including Dubai’s flagship port Jebel Ali.

He said: “It’s (expo) very important for us. We are a global company and we wouldn’t miss an event like this because it is expected to welcome 25 million visits from all around the world. We’re showcasing the latest technologies and how we handle our business. We’re also showing what else we can do in the company and there’s no better place than this.

“It’s an amazing event and well done to Dubai for holding it, despite all the complications.”

Meanwhile, DP World-backed Virgin Hyperloop is showcasing a full-scale hyperloop cargo pod and a cutaway passenger pod as part of DP World’s Flow pavilion.

Virgin said its technology – which would see pressurised trains travel through tunnels at the speed of aeroplanes – could eventually transport 50 million passengers per year across the Gulf.

Travelling from Riyadh to Jeddah would take just 46 minutes with a hyperloop instead of one-and-a-half hours by plane.

Bin Sulayem said: “Hyperloop is a work-in-progress. They are manufacturing more components and they’ve added more new things which are already certified. In due course we will give an update on the developments.”

After Expo 2020 the DP World pavilion will be transformed into an education institute becoming a permanent feature of Expo 2020 Dubai’s legacy District 2020.

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