Don’t buy a caravan or campervan without taking crucial advice first – ‘test it’

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Emma and Alex have spent the past 10 years travelling the world, documenting their travels on their blog and their Instagram account. In lockdown, the couple converted a car into a campervan to traverse the UK.

The couple has been documenting their vanlife journey on their Instagram account.

They have travelled through Somerset and other British beauty spots in the van.

In fact, the couple recently detailed a top tip to find the most beautiful places to camp. 

The couple has given a vital tip for those looking to buy a caravan or campervan.

Caravans are not cheap. New caravans cost about £15,000 to £100,000.

How do the couple recommend Britons make sure they make the right selection?

Emma said: “I would say if you want to get into vanlife, do some trips with other vans.

“Test out with a range of vans because over the year.”

This is exactly what the couple did, and the experience helped them to create the perfect van for themselves.

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Emma said: “We’ve rented vans in different countries, and all different sizes.

“Some with toilets and showers, some very basic to almost motorhome size.

“From those trips we’ve figured out what works for us, because you don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles.”

The type of caravan or campervan you need will be different, based on your holiday requirements.

Emma said: “I think if we lived in the US, for example, we would have something bigger because it’s all built for that.

“But, we live in England, and we like to go into places like Italy.

“So we need something suitable for the roads, so something comfortable and something smaller.

“You want to tailor-make it to you and what you would like to do.

“The only way to really do that is having this practice.

“If you know you want to go and stay in a campsite, make that your base and do smaller trips off there maybe an RV is perfect.

“But if you want to drive to a different spot each day maybe something smaller will suit you.”

The couple described how they created their “ideal” campervan for £7,000 and their essential £3,000 add-on. 

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