Diabetic passenger gobsmacked as mum demands he not eat near her child on flight

A plane passenger was gobsmacked after a mum on his flight told him not to eat food near her son.

But, rather than just being fussy, she said it was because he suffered from the same rare syndrome as Harvey – Katie Price’s son.

The passenger divided internet users after sharing the experience online.

He had apparently been flying from New York to LA for work and had to tuck into some snacks because he was diabetic and needed to regulate his blood sugar.

But, the family sat beside him had a young child and the mother “immediately” began to give him “dirty looks”, claims the Mirror.

Posting on Reddit, the man said: “The mother said, 'Can you not do that?'

"So I put my food away and figured I’d wait until the flight attendant came around so I could buy food from her and eat at an acceptable time just to show some respect for their wishes."

However, when the crew offered refreshments to the family they refused anything for the whole row – including the diabetic man.

He added: "I go up to press the call light so I can get my food and my drink because I actually need it.

"The father says, 'Our son has Prader-Willi, we’d prefer it if you didn’t eat because it causes tantrums when he doesn’t know he can’t eat and he’s always hungry'.

"I’m close to a tantrum myself at this point and so I look him in the eye and say, 'I do not care, fly private if you want to control your surroundings'."

He then began eating only for the child’s mother to shout at him and say he needed to be “educated”.

He replied that he would not “endanger himself” to stop her son from having a tantrum.

The man asked Reddit users whether he had been in the wrong – which caused a lively debate.

One person said: "A kid with Prader-Willi Syndrome has a real organic, very hard to control drive to eat food, it's a seriously difficult disease to deal with."

While another noted: “I feel for the family because I'm sure it's a very difficult condition to manage and causes a great deal of stress."

However, others weren’t so sympathetic.

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One Reddit user noted: "Even if you didn't have diabetes, people don't get to come into public space and dictate anyone else's acceptable behaviour."

While another added: "You were absolutely correct.

"They had no right to refuse your food and yell at you for eating, this is a public conveyance and they do not own the plane."

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