‘Depressing’ move by popular winter sun destination to ban Britons from today

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Rising Covid cases in the UK are turning Britons into persona non grata overseas. Morocco has been the latest country to announce a ban on all UK travellers.

While the UK has reopened its borders to all but seven countries, the rest of the world is watching the nation with weariness.

Britons welcomed the scraping of the traffic light system and the possibility to travel virtually everywhere since October 11.

But while the Government has told the country it’s safe to travel, the rest of the world does not seem so keen to welcome Britons.

Rising Covid cases in the UK have made headlines lately and the world was watching.

Morocco has triggered a travel ban on UK travellers, effective from tonight at 11.59pm.

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The Foreign Office said: “The Moroccan Government has announced the suspension for an unspecified period of direct flights between Morocco and the UK (and Germany and the Netherlands) with effect from midnight 20 October.”

Britons currently in the North African country will be able to return to the UK via third countries such as France and Spain.

Direct flights between the UK and Morocco have been suspended.

Royal Air Maroc issued this statement: “Following the decision of the Moroccan authorities, all flights from Morocco to the United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands are suspended until further notice.”

There seemed to be some confusion as to what flights were allowed to go in and out of the country before the ban at midnight today.

easyJet said: “We are still awaiting clarity from the Moroccan authorities as to whether we are permitted to operate repatriation flights beyond midnight today.”

easyJet still planned to offer inbound repatriation flights from Morocco in October.

But these will largely depend on whether the Moroccan Government allows them.

Marrakech is the most popular destination in Morocco for Britons, and a new route from Edinburgh had been announced by Ryanair this week.

Half-term is set to start and Britons who had booked their winter sun holidays are now facing a repeat of last year’s scramble with refunds and cancellations.

The uncertainty surrounding the announcement does not bide well.

There is no date limit on the ban, leaving the Moroccan Government the possibility to extend it indefinitely.

The UK has the highest Covid rates in Europe.

The Covid rates in the UK were almost 60 times higher than in Morocco this week.

Britons on social media were not optimistic.

Kelvin Fitzimmions said: “Looks like it will be other countries that take action against Johnson’s dangerous Covid policy. Morocco is first to ban flights from UK, will Europe be next?”

Joanna Pegum wrote: “Others will follow. May be the only thing that will trigger action by the UK Government.”

Mary Novakovich said: “It’s so depressing.”

And Carole Ford added: “Surprised we’ve not been red listed before now.”
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