Cyprus holidays: Britons could be offered free coronavirus tests on arrival in Cyprus

Cyprus has become increasingly popular with Britons over the years with many choosing to ditch the UK for good and relocate to the beautiful island. Despite being a prominent tourist spot, Cyprus has remained cautious while opening its doors. It was announced this week that Cyprus could be halting its quarantine restrictions for Britons on August 1.


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Currently, the island nation is allowing a limited number of countries to visit which does not include the UK.

However, the UK has included Cyprus on its exemption list of countries that Britons can travel to without facing quarantine rules when they return.

Cyprus has categorised the countries it is allowing to enter the country into ‘category A’, ’category B’ and ‘category C’.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website reads: “Tourist arrivals from a limited number of countries are now permitted, but this does not include the UK.

“Passengers who have been in the UK, or any other destination not listed in categories A or B, in the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter Cyprus, even via a third country (eg: Greece), until further notice.

“The Republic of Cyprus government have indicated that this may change from August 1.”

However, there are some exemptions to the rules.

The FCO added: “If you’re a British national travelling from a category A country you will be allowed to enter Cyprus.

“If you’re a British national travelling from a Category B country, and have not been in the UK (or any other Category C country) in the last 14 days, you will also be allowed to enter Cyprus with a negative PCR test result (taken in the previous 72 hours).”

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And now it has been revealed by the Cyprus Mail that category B tourists arriving in Cyprus may be able to take a free rapid coronavirus test at both Larnaca and Paphos airports which will allow them to enter the country.

The tests will be subsidised 50 percent by the Cypriot government and 50 percent by Cyprus hoteliers, according to sources.

The move will reportedly encourage those from category B countries to visit Cyprus.

A member of the Hoteliers Association, who wishes to remain unnamed told the Cyprus Mail: “The president asked hoteliers to vote on whether we would be willing to cover 50 percent of the cost of the coronavirus test yesterday (Wednesday) and we all supported it unanimously.”

Reportedly, the offer will only apply to tourists that are due to stay in Cyprus in licensed hotels and hotel apartments.

The tests will not cover those visiting holiday homes or a privately rented apartment.

The source said that the entire plane will be swabbed and the test would be ready within the hour.

They added: “By the time passengers have gone through passport control and collected their luggage, they won’t have longer than 20 minutes to wait.”

A spokesman for the communications and transport ministry told the Cyprus Mail that the rumours could not be confirmed “right now”.

They said: “Nothing has been decided on the issue yet.”

It has also been revealed by The Sun that Northern Cyprus will be reopening to Britons from next Thursday.

Northern Cyprus is also known as the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’.

The government website reads: “The Republic of Cyprus is a full member of the EU, but the country remains divided by the Green Line which separates the so-called ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ from the rest of the island.

“The ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ is not recognised by the British government.”

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