Cruise guest rages as ‘inconsiderate people’ ruin ‘free suite upgrade’

A cruise usually has a huge range of cabins that guests can choose from. However, although there might seem like a lot of choice, a guest has warned there are several cabins that should always be avoided.

Reddit user ‘thepete404’ said: “I got a great free suite upgrade once, and I spent nearly zero time enjoying it.

“It was under the fitness centre and some inconsiderate people were dropping dumbbells literally on my head 18 hours a day.

“It was no wonder none of the savvy passengers picked it, so I paid good money for a s*** cabin I hated, but it was really big.”

Although a room might be big, if it’s under a noisy area such as the gym or theatre, guests could end up losing sleep.

The majority of cruise lines have a ship deck plan available online so guests can work out which rooms to avoid.

The theatre will often be noisy late into the night and crew may rehearse there from the early morning hours.

‘Alanamil’ said: “Yeah I did that once, they had me under a bar. All day, it was bean bags thumping and chairs dragging the floor.

“At night, it was head thumping music and chairs being dragged. Never, ever again. I always look to see what is above and below me.”

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It will be almost impossible to swap cabins once passengers are on the cruise, so making the right decision is important.

Guests may be able to get a larger room more cheaply if they don’t mind being below the ship’s bar.

This choice could be suitable for guests who are planning to spend most of their time outside the cabin.

‘Thepete404’ added: “Deck chair scraping began at 5:30am the last time I thought being under the pool deck was a good idea.

‌“There are just some places I can’t enjoy a cruise. Slamming doors is another problem, picking a cabin these days, at least for me, has become more of a what can go wrong here rather than a fun thing.

“Last cruise, I was over the stage, and music rehearsals started at 3pm and the late show on many nights ran way over time.”

Under the pool deck is usually one of the noisiest places to sleep as the crew will start putting the chairs out very early in the morning.

Guests will also need to decide whether to choose an interior room, room with a window or a balcony room.

An interior room is nearly always the cheapest choice and could be a good idea for guests who will only use the cabin to sleep.

However, some guests find the rooms very claustrophobic and seasickness is also often worse in interior cabins.

Balcony cabins are usually the most expensive rooms but will give guests a private outdoor space.

On some ships, guests can even order room service so they can enjoy a secluded outdoor meal.

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