Couple’s quirky game to choose their holiday destination goes viral on TikTok

A couple have gone viral thanks to the fun way they select their next holiday destination each year.

Eva Machado, a nurse with thousands of social media followers, shared a clip on TikTok showing her and her husband playing a game to choose their next trip.

The game is designed to make their destination a surprise – and is likely to mean they explore less common places.

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Eva shared the video while they played in a beer garden, writing in the caption: "We made this up years ago. Highly suggest!"

"We have a really weird way of picking where we go on trips," she added.

In the video, Eva explained their viral game.

She and her partner both get the choose three places, with each needing to meet a specific requirement; one has to be within six hours' drive of their home, one has to be in the USA or Canada (they live in North America), and one has to be an international destination.

They then placed all six choices – written on paper – into an empty pint glass.

Eva said: “We then pick them out one by one – we have no idea what each other picked – and then the last one standing is the one we go to on our trip.”

The last paper in the jar is where the duo go on holiday – and they demonstrated the game in their view.

Pulling the papers out one-by-one they discounted San Diego, Montreal in Canada, Richmond in Virginia and Croatia.

The final option was Spain – which was the couple’s holiday choice for the upcoming year.

Thankfully, the game can be personalised due to making the choices yourself.

So if you want to stay in the UK you can make choices for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you’d prefer to stay in Europe or under a particular budget you could make three selections at three price points.

The video has millions of views and almost 900k likes.

In the comments, people were obsessed with the clever idea.

One person wrote: “This is such a fun idea! This is what ‘no kids’ money looks like.”

“This is dope,” added another. “I want to try this.”

While a third commented: “This is so fun and cute…”

Another said they were trying the game to select a destination for an upcoming birthday.

However, some joked about the options.

One person laughed: “The eternal battle between going to Richmond, Virginia or Spain.”

“Don’t ever put Richmond in the cup again,” joked another.

Do you have a clever way of selecting your holiday destination? Tell us about it at [email protected]


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