Couples hang off railway carriages in death-defying Instagram trend

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Daredevil holidaymakers are risking their lives to take railway track selfies.

Many of the Instagram photos are taken in Ella, Sri Lanka, where trains run over breath-taking scenery.

Following a spate of deaths at the location, authorities warned tourists to be careful.

But worryingly, this hasn’t stopped many from partaking in the dangerous photography fad.

In 2017, Sri Lankan railway authorities urged tourists to stop taking risky selfies.

Their warning came after 28 deaths were recorded on the tracks that year.

While these fatalities occurred for a number of reasons, the majority were said to be mobile phone related.

Sadly, this advice seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Last week, social media influencers Camille and Jean shared a jaw-dropping picture to their Instagram page, @backpackdiariez.

In the caption, the Belgian pair said the image depicts “one of (their) wildest kisses”.

As they dangled off a train carriage, the pair leant themselves together for a smooch.

The picture racked up 49,000 likes, while also attracting plenty of criticism.

One responder remarked: “How desperate for Instagram likes you have to be to risk your lives like that?!”

Another said: “This is so dangerous.”

Camille and Jean aren’t the only bloggers to take eye-popping photos on the Sri Lankan railway.

The duo who run the popular @exploressaurus page posted a lookalike snap in February.

Miguel kissed Raquel’s head as they leaned out of the carriage as they travelled through Ella.

Rebecca Botje posted a similar couples’ picture to her feed.

This time, the pair gazed longingly into each other’s eyes during the journey.

Solo travellers have also tried the risky Instagram trend.

Jess, who uploads as @thewhimsicalblonde, leaned her feet out of the carriage.

Her pink dress billowed in the wind as the train made its was over the Sri Lankan landscape.

Similarly, influencer Mimi Schorer poked her body out of the carriage door as the vehicle was moving.

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