Cornwall holidays: Glamping park owner shares the best time of year to visit & save money

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UK holidays are set for another successful summer if booking statistics are anything to go by, and in particular, Cornwall is shining through as one of the nation’s most sought-after destinations. Yet, while the peak summer season may be set for an influx of visitors, one glamping site owner in the region has shared some alternative times of the year which still exceptional holidays.

Fir Hill Estate is a luxury glamping site nestled on the outskirts of surfer’s paradise Newquay.

Owned by Charlie Hoblyn, the site provides a tranquil escape for families and couples alike, and according to Mr Hoblyn is already seeing an influx of bookings.

“The advanced bookings have gone really well this year,” he told

He explained how the Government’s early announcements regarding the “roadmap” out of lockdown, have helped strategically plan both advertising and booking.

Of course, summer, particularly when the schools have broken up, is already proving to be the main time holidaymakers are looking to head to the area.

Mr Hoblyn says if Britons are eyeing a summer stay in Cornwall, they have “just got to get on with” booking.

“There is a limited accommodation in Cornwall if you want to get to Cornwall,” he said.

“Obviously there are plenty of other places to go such as Wales or the Peak District. I’m sure those areas will have a great resurgence as well.

“But if people want to go to Cornwall they really do have to book, very soon.”

In particular, he points to the high demand for holiday cottages and luxury glamping options.

“Cottages virtually went straight away,” he said.

“The point is there is almost nothing left.

“Going forward that capacity is not going to change an awful lot for cottages. It’s going to be a very busy year.”

Often, the more in demand holidays are, the higher costs can be which is why opting for off-peak travel can a great way to save.

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The good news is, if holidaymakers can be flexible about the time of year they hope to visit Cornwall, there are plenty of other great times of year to visit.

“It just depends what sort of holiday you’re looking for, but most people choose their holiday according to what they want to do,” the glamping expert explained.

“The season doesn’t make a lot of difference in the yurts we have at Fir Hill Estate because they’re very well insulated as we have stoves in them.

“My favourite season is when the bulbs come up and the flowers and wildflowers come up in the May time.

“The blossom will have finished by around April time, and that’s a beautiful time to go.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to weather, Mr Hoblyn points to early summer.

“June is, without doubt, the best terms of weather if you want sun,” he said.

“I suppose you don’t often get many people talking about the best time to go to Cornwall because it’s not in many people’s interest since people are usually talking about school holidays. It’s no good saying they should come in June when they can’t.

“But if you look at the weather stats, then there’s no doubt that June is the best month by a reasonable margin.”

For those looking for a post-summer break, there are options too.

“October is a fabulous time. Though the weather may be a bit inclement, the sea is still warm,” said Mr Hoblyn.

“You can not believe how warm it is thanks to summer, but when you go in April it is freezing.

“There really is a massive difference between spring and autumn in the sea temperatures.

“You can always wear wet suits but in April you wear a wet suit and your face shrinks. I was appalled at how cold it was, I did try it once and never again. But in October I could spend all day surfing.”

He added: “In my mind, there’s no best time. It depends on what you want and what you who you are.”

For those looking to beat crowds and reduce costs, there is one time of year Mr Hoblyn says he may consider avoiding if possible.

“Personally I would choose if I had a holiday probably to avoid August,” he said, however, notes how desirable it is for families looking for a summer getaway.

One strand which runs throughout the year, though, is the need to get bookings made as soon as possible.

As Mr Hoblyn points out, most holiday providers, like his own, are offering flexible cancellation policies for customers whose plans may be impacted by Covid.

Fir Hill Estate is also offering a 30 percent deposit, to help with the cost of booking in advance.

“In summary, the only advice I can say is book up now,” he advised.

“This is not a year in Cornwall to book last minute.”

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