Conwy Castle: The ghosts inside one of Wales’ most haunted destinations

Paranormal activity: Man hears ‘voice’ from ‘haunted mirror’

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This late 13th Century fortress is considered by many as one of the most haunted places in North Wales packed full of eerie stories from across the ages. According to 2Chill user Sian Williams, Conwy Castle is one of the best places to visit for ghost hunters with several sightings of dark figures.

Some visitors have been so frightened entering the grounds they quickly run for the exit, one visitor even claimed to have seen a large man in armour illuminated by candlelight, a monk and a black silhouette.

Others claim to have smelt incense in the old chapel – despite none being lit and spirits of prisoners left in cells during King Henry VIII’s reign are rumoured to linger around.

Other sightings have included various silhouettes and dark figures watching the town below from the battlements and windows.

The castle was completed in 1289, built for King Edward I and is one of the four UNESCO world heritage sites listed across Wales.

Sitting along a rocky coastal ridge, the castle has eight towers to view, which have been protected by the outer walls during the English Civil War.

Sian recommends climbing the spiral staircase to walk the battlements which offer breathtaking views of Snowdonia and the river.

However, you might just get more than you bargained for if you make it to the top.

Before Conwy Castle was built, the site was home to a Cisterian monastery and the spirit of a past resident is said to haunt the castle.

In 2016, a team of paranormal investigators claimed they recorded the voice of a little girl spirit saying ‘don’t tell them’.

Another spooky sighting was captured by a man in 2020, where a photograph shows what appears to be a line of phantoms, led by a male ghost holding a sword.

Describing the impressive historic site, Sian writes that Conwy Castle: “has what historians describe as the best preserved set of private, medieval royal chambers in England and Wales.”

It was built for a cost of £15,000 in that time, which equals around £12 million today.

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If you plan to visit the many castles across Wales, Game of Thrones fans should also check out Roch Castle.


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