Cheapest days of the week to book hotel rooms EXPOSED – Tips to save up to 20%

Best time to book hotels is…

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Both domestic and international travel has surged in the last few months, as the UK Government begins to unwind many of its COVID-19 restrictions. As a result, the cost of some hotel stays is already beginning to rise in line with demand – particularly as the festive season approaches.

However, Britons looking to be savvy with their finances may want to consider booking their hotel stays on certain days of the week.

According to research conducted by Expedia, this could see holidaymakers saving as much as 20 percent on their next break.

Though prices for hotel accommodation dropped during 2020, Expedia has found that prices are now slightly higher than 2019 levels, particularly for domestic stays.

So how can you get more bang for your buck when booking your next hotel stay?

Book UK hotel stays on a Friday

Based on booking data, Expedia found that Friday promises to be the best day for lower-priced room rates.

The lowest average daily rate for accommodation tends to occur on a Friday, while the most expensive daily rate occurs on a Saturday.

According to Expedia, travellers could end up paying five percent less simply by booking a day earlier.

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Book international hotel stays on a Wednesday

Similarly, Expedia’s data also showed that international hotel rates changed depending on the day of the week customers choose to book.

For international trips, the experts recommend booking on a Wednesday, as this offers the best prices.

The most expensive day of the week for bookings is on a Saturday.

Customers who choose to book their hotel stay on a Wednesday could save up to 10 percent compared with booking on a Saturday.

Choose to stay on a Monday, instead of a weekend

Certain days of the week are more popular with holidaymakers than others.

Often, room rates can rise in line with demand. Unsurprisingly, weekends are among some of the busiest times for hotels, and therefore stays can be more expensive.

Whether you’re heading on a staycation or jetting off overseas, Expedia says Monday is the cheapest day of the week for a hotel stay.

According to their research, the ideal day to begin a domestic stay is a Monday, where travellers can save 20 percent versus staying on a Saturday.

For international jaunts, staying on a Monday could save travellers 10 percent compared with a Saturday stay.

Opt for a four-star hotel over a five-star hotel

Though it may seem obvious, opting to downgrade on a hotel’s star rating is one sure way of saving money.

This doesn’t necessarily mean opting for the lowest star-rated hotel, but simply by looking around to see what else is on offer.

Expedia’s research found that travellers who opted for a lower star-rated hotel, even if it was just a four-star as opposed to a five-star, could cut costs by as much as 50 percent.

Travellers who opted for a three-star instead of a four-star hotel could save around 30 percent on the price of their room.

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