Can I go on holiday if I live in Tier 3?

Local lockdown restrictions are in place across all of England and much of the rest of the UK as the four nations battle against a second wave of COVID-19. Coronavirus threw the summer holiday period into deep uncertainty earlier this year, with the entire season nearly cancelled after months of grounded flights thanks to worldwide lockdowns.

The Government has now implemented a new tiered system for local restrictions in England – Tier 1 being the least harsh, to Tier 3 being the most draconian.

With a myriad of rules over the heads of those living under the strictest conditions, many are still confused about what they can and can’t do and whether rules are being enforced – and by whom.

In Tier 3 restrictions, which currently apply to Liverpool and Lancashire only, hospitality venues have been forced to close and inter-household socialising is now banned in most scenarios.

Residents of areas under Tier 3 restrictions are not permitted to stay overnight in another part of the UK.

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Can I still go on holiday in Tier 3?

If you live in one of England’s unfortunate Tier 3 areas, you can still go on holiday – but only within that area.

However, if you are in a Tier 3 area, the advice is that you should not travel unless absolutely necessary, such as for school or work.

You also cannot meet up with people from outside of your home to go on holiday together – it must be your household only.

If you do go on holiday within your area, you are not permitted to socialise indoors with anyone outside of your household – you must only socialise in outdoor spaces like parks and beaches.

As it currently stands, there are no travel restrictions for those living under restrictions in Tier’s 1 and 2.

Do Tier 3 restrictions void my travel insurance?

Most insurers won’t cover you for travelling to countries against the Government warnings issued by the FCO.

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According to MoneySupermarket, you are buying a new travel insurance policy, as things stand, most travel insurance providers will still not cover cancellations to your holiday as a result of coronavirus.

Sally Jaques of GoCompare Travel Insurance said: “People living in Tier 3 areas have been advised by the Government to avoid leaving the area or staying overnight anywhere else in the UK – yet, it is not currently against the law to go on holiday, even abroad.

“If the destination is on the exemption list, your travel insurance should still be valid.

“However, policyholders would need to check with their insurer before travelling anywhere to make sure that their cover is still valid and be aware that the restrictions could change at any time.”

However, the advice from Patrick Ikhena from differs.

He said: “If a person living within a Tier 3 zone is advised by the Government against leaving the area because of lockdown restrictions, it would almost certainly void their travel insurance if they chose to defy government advice.

“The insurance would likely be void even if the FCO isn’t advising against travel to your intended destination, as Government lockdown restrictions would take precedent.

“For people unsure about the implications for travel insurance during the government’s new tier system for localised lockdown, it is recommended that you check with your insurer before travelling.”

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