Camping Britons bare all – ‘sat on a hedgehog, the hedgehog was ok but I wasn’t’

Dame Helen Mirren reminisces on camping with Liam Neeson

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A camping holiday is a fantastic option for Britons wanting to get away and stay in nature. However, it also comes with an array of opportunities for embarrassing moments Britons are only too happy to share on social media.

When Facebook user Gaz T Robbo asked fellow campers about their most embarrassing moments, British campers were happy to oblige and share their stories.

Needing the bathroom was one of the most embarrassing moments for many Britons.

Susan Darley said: “I was having a wee in the bushes, stood up to pull my trousers up, turned around… There were about 20 odd people putting their tent up.”

Dean Hornsby embarrassed his wife: “Went live on Facebook from a high up mountain road in Greece, panned round to show the incredible views and there was the Mrs squatting for a tiddle, to be fair we had been driving for hours. Quickly deleted video.”

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Nikki Turley had an unfortunate accident: “Went for a wee behind the tent in the night and didn’t realise it was a load of stinging nettles I was weeing on. So you can imagine how I felt the next day.”

And so did Mandy Riley: “Wild camping and needed to wee, went behind a bush but sat on a hedgehog.

“The hedgehog was ok but I wasn’t.”

Sharon Mclean wrote: “Blue flush from portaloo went all oner my legs… Looked like a smurf for days.”

And Angela Booth said: “A constant one is my young child shouting ‘are you having a wee or a poo mum’ whilst I’m using the portable toilet.”

Camping Britons also seemed to have trouble staying standing and shared an array of falling accidents.

Gaill Cooper said: “Fell off my low camping chair, didn’t realise I’d broke a bone in my hand until two weeks later.

“It was hurting but thought it was just a strain.”

Caroline Heath wrote: “Packing our tent up in the rain, I went to step out of the tent, foot caught the bottom, and I fell face down.”

TD Bertha said: “I was in the back of my caddy getting changed while drunk.

“I was butt naked in just my knickers trying to get in my onesie, and as I lay back to put me legs in, I fell out the back doors as I hadn’t locked it.”

Tony Lambert shared his wife’s embarrassment: “The wife getting kicked off the kids’ play park then falling arse fist in to the BBQ and wrecking it.”

A BBQ also caused problems for Emma Stephens.

She said: “The fact that the disposable barbecue I bought because we had no EHU wouldn’t cook the food for some reason it kept going out.

“Hubby stands there with a hand pump trying to blow the charcoal in the tray to make it hotter and all the people outside their tents standing there laughing.

“I must admit it was highly hilarious.”

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