Campers’ camping tips for a successful autumn trip – ‘strip down to just underwear’

The Camping and Caravanning Club detail virus safety measures

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Britons heading to the great outdoors this autumn may be wondering how they’ll keep warm. While camping is a fantastic holiday option, it does entail spending a lot of time out in the elements and autumn nights can get pretty cold.

Holidaymakers and campers have taken to social media to ask for tips of fellow outdoorsy Britons.

Help and tips came in thick and fast.

Lee Wilkinson said on Facebook: “A good sleeping bag is all you need.

“We used to layer up, big socks and water bottles. Then we bought a proper rated sleeping bag and sleep in underwear only as it’s so warm.

“Look for an all season bag with a good comfort rating and you’ll be fine.”

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Investing in a good sleeping bag was a tip that was given often.

Edward Rilling said: “Four-season sleeping bag and a woolly hat. I was out in December last year and it was fine.”

On top of a good sleeping bag, quilts and blankets were found to be a must.

Andrew Hole said: “Sleeping bags and quilts trust me it can get chilly.”

Sam Frankum wrote: “Extra blankets, a woolly hat, fluffy socks and gloves. Keep the heat in the body. Cover your hands, feet and head as these are the parts of the body you’ll lose heat from the most.”

Britons loved a lot of layers on top of their sleeping bags, but it also mattered underneath.


Marie-Claire Evans said: “I’ve always been told that you should have the same layers under you as you have over you. Especially if you’re using an airbed.”

Trudi Eskrett got very specific.

She said: “Always put a throw on top of the air bed then a fitted sheet, a duvet and a throw and then a big warm throw folded in half at the foot. Also I have a tepee and that’s double-layered, I put a thick throw on the floor and a few rugs.”

Dee McNaughton also had specific instructions.

She said: “Someone on here recommended a silver mat between your mattress and camp bed/floor. Bought two (hubby and me) cheap thin silver camping mats from The Range, boy what a difference. I’ve always put a fleecy blanket between the airbed and sheet and use a duvet. Also get in between a double up fleecy blanket under the duvet.”

Claire Louise thought the fabric made a big difference.

She said: “Cotton sheets are cold to the touch. Synthetics like fleece blankets make a huge difference next to the skin.”

Kerry Seaton agreed on the fabric, but thought it should be “merino wool everything”.

Campers can also add things to the inside of their sleeping bags.

Karen Charlotte Catlin said: “Buy some hand warmers put in bottom of sleeping bag or bottom of beds to warm it up. They stay warm for eight hours. I put them in my socks.”

And Beverley Martin wrote: “Definitely hot water bottles. Two each makes a big difference.”

Liz Leadbetter reminisced and said: “When I was a kid my dad used to wrap us up in a blanket, then put us in our sleeping bags.”

Many camping Britons were big fans of layering up.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, some believed less was more.

Rachael Joynes said: “As silly as it sounds, strip down to just underwear… your body heat is better than hundreds of layers. That’s what I do.”

She wasn’t the only one who believed in the stripping down technique to keep warm, so there is probably something to it.


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