Brutal TripAdvisor reviews of London – from ‘not so’ Big Ben to ‘basic’ Palace

London is famed for having some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world – but you’re never going to please everybody.

And as these ruthless TripAdvisor reviews demonstrate, there is always something for someone to groan about.

From the “unacceptable” price of food and water to “crap” views – here are the most furious Karen-esque complaints.

The British Museum

One uncultured swine travelled all the way from Dorset to visit the British Museum – only to spend his day out moaning.

His one-star review read: “Other than being forced to sit through a Shakespeare play this has to be the most boring days out in my whole life.

“If that was not bad enough you are surrounded by thousands of other people shuffling around trying to look at dusty crap that was of zero interest.”

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The London Eye

One tourist from Mumbai was excited to see the glorious city skyline from the top of the London Eye – but was left underwhelmed.

He described the experience as “rubbish” and added: “I went there with my young family expecting to see the best views of London.

“However, there was very large queue which made my family feel really nervous as we feel scared with the coronavirus.

“The queues were so long and the experience all around wasn't as we amazed as the views were rubbish. I felt we had better views from our hotel!”

Another reviewer was left petrified by the wheel and wrote: “Terrible took too long felt like I was going for hours and it stopped midway it was terrible and frightening.”

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Big Ben

One clumsy tourist claims they fell into the River Thames while gazing at Big Ben – and as such left a measly one-star review.

Josh wrote: “Lovely clock but I fell into the river when I was looking at the tower and I fell over the side into the freezing cold Thames.”

Another reviewer, Olivia, visited this month but complained that she couldn’t see Big Ben without her glasses…

She said: “Long John would of been a better name, as it’s very long as I couldn’t see the clock without my specs.”

Over the years, people have also moaned that Big Ben is "just a clock" that's "not very big". Savage.

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Tower of London

One mum said her day out was “ruined” after being refused entry for turning up late.

She fumed: “Arrived 4 minutes (!) late with young kids and were not allowed in. A very disappointing experience for the whole family.

“Not sure why they take timing so seriously (considering how bad and unpredictable the London traffic is). But thought I should leave the review to warn others, especially families with kids.”

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Buckingham Palace

One Kent based reviewer described the Buckingham Palace visit as “basic” before hinting that her cup of tea was overpriced.

She wrote: “Very basic walk around the roped off lawn area…. disappointing… took us 20 minutes to walk around the ropes off lawn area… £3.50 for a cup of tea…”

Another disappointed customer blasted the visit and said: “This should be a zero rating. It cost £16.50 just to walk around the lawn. Most of the garden is cordoned off and I would say the garden is shabby at best.

“They suggest you spend two or three hours there. You won't be there that long because it's boring, unless you picnic on the lawn. The Queen is definitely not a gardener.”

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Tower Bridge

One sarcastic reviewer simply said: “Oh, look, it's a bridge. It's striped in blue. It's famous. I can't think of any other reason to go there.”

These words were echoed by another unsatisfied customer who wrote: “What is so special about this bridge? It is ugly and busy and not even old. There are so many impressive bridges in Europe that is one is just overrated. London is nice but the Tower Bridge is nothing special…”

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The Shard

One romantic was left heartbroken when his grand plans to propose to his partner on top the Shard were allegedly cancelled for a Christmas party.

Pedro claimed he booked months in advance for a private hire so he could pop the big question in front of the stunning London views.

But he said: “Imagine my disgust and dismay when a week before the event I received a phone call from View from the Shard to cancel my booking as they had a more lucrative offer for a Christmas party which they decided to take instead.

“This ruined my plans, and they did not care a jot! I was absolutely shocked at the customer service given they advertise themselves as the perfect venue for a proposal. I wouldn't consider making a booking at any point in the future and would strongly recommend anyone considering a booking thinks again.

“If they can do this to me for a proposal they can do it to you.”

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St Paul’s Cathedral

Some customers blasted the price of visiting the famous St Paul’s Cathedral.

One reviewer said: “For too expensive at nearly £20 each. What happened to Church for the poor. Thought Jesus did not approve of trading in a place of worship?”

Another commenter also left a scathing review, writing: “Trash. Ugly chairs everywhere. Unkempt. Expensive. Rip off.

“Really overpriced venue. It’s just been standing there, collecting dust. I wonder where the millions of admission fees go. Don’t waste your time.”

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ZSL London Zoo

One upset reviewer claimed they had “more animals at home” than at the ZSL London Zoo.

They wrote: “I was really looking forward to visiting the Zoo, I really like animals, and I was expecting an international level experience.

“But it was so disappointing, it felt like most of the animals have disappeared, there were areas with 0 animals or 2-3 at max.

“There were more signs of ‘sorry, we moved the animal to another place’ than animals.

For me, it was waste of time and money, I regret I visited.”

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The O2 Arena

One sorry customer said he will never return to the iconic venue ever again after being charged excessively for a bottle of water.

The livid punter wrote: “£3.80 for a bottle of water. There’s absolutely no excuse for this.

"Ripping people off for other drinks and products is one thing but for water – utterly disgusting. This will be my last visit here.”

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The London Dungeon

One hardy visitor claimed the dungeon was not scary enough and as such left a pitiful one-star review.

They wrote: “It's a total waste of money, even the kids were bored and not scary at all honesty don't waste money it was a nothing we expected.”

Another visitor had similar opinions and added: “So disappointing. This was not at all frightening despite me being easy to scare.

“I have no idea why so many reviews talk of it being scary. I wonder if it has been changed due to Covid precautions? Actors tried hard. Not good value for money. Give it a miss.”

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Madame Tussauds London

One visitor at the end of last year was excited to see some famous faces – but claimed to be “herded like cattle” once inside the venue.

Her angry review added: “Oh my…. We were really looking forward to this visit. Unfortunately we were packed in like sardines- nothing to do with covid, at any time the amount of people was absurd.

“So packed people were pushing and shoving past each other and scrambling to get pictures with the exhibits. Apparently there is reduced capacity at the moment!…

“You couldn't possibly fit more bodies in there if you tried! We ended up desperately trying to leave asap as it became unbearable. Never again!!”

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Science Museum

Although John loved his visit to the Science Museum, the “daylight robbery” he endured in the cafe ruined the experience.

As such, he felt like he had no choice but to give a one-star review.

He ranted: “Great museum. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT EVER go to the cafe 6 pound nearly for a sandwich 5.50 for half a sandwich an apple an a lil popcorn for my daughter absolute rip off the place I rather be charged for entry to the museum than to have someone smile in my face asking me for 3 pound for a can of coke should be ashamed charging people them prices!!

“And that alone is why I’m giving it a one star.”

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