Brits warned to keep their suitcases in their hotel bathrooms while on holiday

When travelling there are some things we all do when we get to our hotel to check that everything is in order.

Most of us will check that the bedding is free of stains or hairs and take a look in the shower and loo to ensure it’s up to scratch.

A former hotel worker even said that she wipes down the remote control with anti-bacterial wipes.

She also refuses to keep the bedspread on the bed as she claims they’re “never washed”.

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Now, one expert has revealed that there’s something all holidaymakers should do to ensure they don’t take unhygienic pests home with them from the hotel.

Missy Henriksen, former vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association, claims you should store your suitcase in your hotel room bathroom.

The reason? Apparently, keeping it next to the bed might allow for bed bugs to jump into your luggage.

Ultimate this could result in your home becoming infested with the pests – an expensive (and grim) issue as you may end up needing fumigation or to replace your mattress.

She told Health : "Bed bugs are least likely to be found in the bathroom. They don't like the tile floors, and there aren't as many hiding places.

"They like to be closer to where people may be sleeping."

Bed bugs are a nightmare as they live within your bedding and mattress and come out at night to feed on humans.

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The little pests can bite your skin and leave distinctive track marks of red bumps when feeding on you.

It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home as if you bring bed bugs home on your clothes or in your suitcase they’ll happily move in.

For this reason, keeping your suitcase in the bathroom ensures it’s far away from any soft furnishings that may have bed bugs in it.


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