Brits share favourite things about UK breaks – from coastal walks to a Mr Whippy

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Now with UK breaks becoming more popular than a holiday abroad thanks to coronavirus, Brits have revealed what they love the most about a staycation.

A study of 2,000 adults in the UK revealed what they love most about holidaying closer to home, including an ice-cold drink in a beer garden, Mr Whippy ice creams and picnics.

Penny pusher machines at the arcade and miniature golf also featured on the list, along with not having to worry about airports, luggage allowance or creepy crawlies as you do when you go abroad.

But sadly, the great British seaside tradition of buying sticks of rock didn't quite make the top 30 list.

According to the research, more than eight in 10 adults have been on a British holiday previously, and 29% already have plans for one this year.

Graham Donoghue, chief executive of Sykes Holiday Cottages, said: "Whether it's snuggling up by the fire on a cold day, jumping waves in the sea or tucking into freshly baked donuts, the UK really does have something for everyone.

"A holiday is a time to rest, do things you enjoy and make memories with your family which, given the last few months, is even more important."

The study also found Brits enjoy UK breaks for the nostalgia factor, the often shorter travel time, being able to speak the language and the opportunity to take their pets with them.

And more than a third reckon they are more likely to opt for a holiday at home this year than they normally would.

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Nearly three-fifths are going on a staycation as they just want to get away from their home, while a third want to avoid flying due to the pandemic.

While a fifth are simply hoping to just save a bit of money.

It also emerged that 44% plan to take a trip down memory lane by returning to British destinations they visited as a child.

Top of the list of holiday spots people plan to return to is Cornwall, followed by neighbouring Devon and scenic Scotland.

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Creating memories with their own child is among the top reasons for wanting to revisit these locations as well as knowing it will be a trip loved by their whole family.

In fact, two-thirds agreed some of the best holidays they had as a child were with their family on a staycation.

A further four in 10 said it's the little things that happen on a holiday that make it enjoyable and memorable – not necessarily plush locations or extravagant beachside resorts.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, also found more than six in 10 want a holiday to try and find some normality outside of social distancing and the lockdown.

And 57% also reckon they will do more staycations even when the pandemic is over.

Graham added: "After a lot of time cooped up indoors, I'm in no doubt that Brits are simply looking forward to a change of scenery.

"We constantly get told that it's the little things and moments of a break away that really make it extra special, but this is definitely reflected in the results.

"Everyone needs down time, but there really isn't a need to go abroad when we've got everything right here on our doorstep."

Top 30 things about holidaying in the UK:

  1. Walks on the coast
  2. Eating fish and chips
  3. Long, countryside walks
  4. Going sightseeing
  5. The Great British seaside
  6. Strolling along the pier
  7. A cold drink in a beer garden
  8. Sunday lunches at the pub
  9. Avoiding airports
  10. Tucking into 99 flake / Mr Whippy ice creams
  11. Not having a luggage limit
  12. Picnics
  13. Feeling like you're doing your bit for the UK economy
  14. Reading a book
  15. Using 2p machines in the arcades
  16. BBQs
  17. Jumping waves in the sea
  18. Going away with extended family members
  19. Amusement arcades
  20. The car journey on the way there
  21. Being snuggled up indoors, sitting around a fire
  22. Eating fresh ring donuts
  23. Building sandcastles
  24. Playing mini golf
  25. Going to funfairs / on fairground rides
  26. Camping trips
  27. Bike rides
  28. Not having to worry about creepy crawlies
  29. Playing card games
  30. Aquariums

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