British expats: World’s best country for quality of life named- ‘easy to fit in’

Simon Calder says he’s ‘holding off’ booking a holiday

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Global Citizen Solutions analysed each country using several important factors to find the best country for expats. They looked at the level of freedom, the level of happiness, environment and the mobility offered by its passport.

The best country in the world for expats based on quality of life was Sweden. The Scandinavian country offered a great work/life balance.

It also scored highly when it came to the level of freedom, happiness and environment categories.

Patricia Casaburi, managing director of Global Citizen Solutions, said: “In Sweden, as with other Scandinavian countries, there is a great weight given to social equality and an emphasis on the importance placed on life outside the office and on a healthy work-life balance.

“From kindergarten, there are 16 months of paid family leave that can be split between the couple after a new child is born, with free daycare also available.”

One expat that took part in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey said: “Even though the Swedes talk perfect English, learning the language helps you a lot more in normal encounters.
“IT workplaces often have English as the working language so it’s easy to fit in there.”

The majority of Swedish people speak fluent English but it’s always a good idea to speak some of the language before relocating.

Although Sweden offered citizens a great quality of life, it did score lower when it came to the cost of living.

Sweden is one of Europe’s more expensive countries although the quality of food and goods is normally very high.

Public transport in the capital city of Stockholm is very affordable and the city has many attractive green spaces.

Unfortunately, it can be hard for expats to find accommodation in Stockholm as there is a housing shortage.

In second place was Finland. The Scandinavian country also scored highly when it came to expat quality of life.

Residents of Finland enjoy good healthcare and the country has an incredible work/life balance.

While Finland can be expensive for British expats, it is very peaceful and offers families a safe environment.

Saunas are an essential part of life for any Finnish resident and many people say they offer great health benefits.

Scandinavia dominated the quality of life rankings with Denmark taking third place in the research.

British expats who opt to move to Denmark can expect excellent healthcare and leisure options.

Canada was named as the fourth best country for British expats when it came to quality of life.

While the UK did score in the top 10 countries, it was only ranked in eighth place. Germany and the Netherlands were both rated higher.

Best countries for quality of life (Global Citizen Solutions)

  1. Sweden
  2. Finland
  3. Denmark
  4. Canada
  5. Germany
  6. Netherlands
  7. New Zealand
  8. UK
  9. Spain
  10. Austria

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