British expats in Spain issued warning over Christmas food – ‘rules have changed’

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Expats thinking of bringing Christmas food from Spain to the UK will have to be careful they don’t break any rules. They will also have to watch out if they intend to bring their favourite UK treats back to Spain after a visit.

The official British Embassy Facebook page, Brits in Spain, issued a warning to British expats.

The post said: “Christmas will soon be upon us and many of our thoughts will inevitably turn to food.

“If you’re travelling back to the UK or have friends and family coming to visit you here, do make sure that you are aware of what food products you can and cannot bring into and out of Spain, as some rules changed at the start of the year.”

British expats will need to check the rules carefully if they don’t want to get caught out with the wrong Christmas food.

British people are forbidden from bringing any meat or dairy products from the UK to Spain.

This means that they will not be allowed to bring any dried Christmas meats into Spain from Britain.

British people can only bring 20kg of fresh fish or one fish depending on what wears the most into Spain from the UK.

Britons can’t bring more than two kilos of powdered infant food or milk into the EU under any circumstances.

British expats also can’t stock up on UK pet food as they cannot bring more than two kilos back to Spain.

There are also restrictions on bringing other products, such as honey, into the EU. Britons can only bring up to two kilos of honey to Spain.

EU guidance states that people may be subject to official checks by the authorities when they enter the EU.

If they are found to have broken the rules, the product will be confiscated and destroyed and the expat could be fined.

The rules for bringing food into the UK from the EU are slightly less strict and Britons will be allowed to bring meat, dairy or fish if it is for personal use.

However, expats will not be able to bring in large quantities of meat or dairy to give to friends and families.

Jon Dodgy commented under the post: “So basically as long as you don’t have a whole tuna over 20kg you are ok.”

June Gay said: “A friend of ours came back last week with three tins of Celebrations and six selection boxes in their luggage.”

Lucinda de la Cereza said: “An ex housemate tried taking a whole jamón into the USA. They took it off her.

“She said ‘Don’t bin it. If I can’t take it in at least eat it yourselves!”

Others joked that the British Embassy was advertising plant based living as there are less restrictions on plant products than animal.

The new rules for British expats are in place due to Brexit as the UK is now subject to non-EU country restrictions on foodstuffs.

British expats in Spain are advised to check the UK Government website and EU regulations before transporting food products between the two countries.

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