British expat shares what life is like in ‘beautiful’ France but one thing ‘won’t happen’

British expats discuss shop opening times in France

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Ally, 28, moved to Toulouse from Winchester to live with her French boyfriend who she met in New Zealand. She told she’d “always wanted to live near the Mediterranean and now I had the perfect opportunity”.

Ally said: “The city is beautiful. I love the pink buildings, the winding cobbled streets, the little cafes and shops.

“There are so many places to get coffee and cake which are two of my weaknesses! The food is wonderful.

“Meat is beloved in the south of France and I eat a lot of duck, charcuterie including paté and saucisson and I’ve probably eaten more steak here than I’ve ever eaten in my life.

“There is so much foie gras, which is not viewed as controversial, and it’s taken time for me to view it as a normal part of the diet.”

Ally told that she has joined a “big expat community” in Toulouse, saying: “I’ve made friends from all over the world here.

“I probably wouldn’t have met them if I was native. There is a big expat community and I was surprised to discover that so many people of different nationalities have chosen to live in Toulouse. My two closest friends are from Mexico and Montreal.”

She added: “French people are incredibly polite! There’s always a ‘bonjour’, ‘bonne journee’ etc exchanged with every waiter and sales assistant you meet.

“Living here has been a fantastic excuse to learn another language which I would never have done if I lived in the UK.”

Despite the “wonderful” food and the polite residents, Ally has been surprised by a couple of aspects of life in France.

She said: “No one picks up their dog poo in France so as you walk you need to continuously stare at the ground in case you step in anything!”

Ally added: “If you need something done quickly, it just won’t happen. We had a broken boiler, and it took four months to fix.”

Ally works in the food industry and has found “buying certain ingredients challenging” in France.

She told “The UK has a much wider range of diets and food cultures, and access to specialist ingredients there is so easy.

“Veganism and other diets such as keto and paleo don’t seem to exist here!”

She said she also misses “nice old British pubs” and “easy access to clotted cream”.

Surprisingly Ally has found the weather in Toulouse isn’t quite as sunny as she expected before moving.

She said: “This year has been terrible with storms and endless days of grey clouds, and the amount of rain has been unbelievable!

“I receive a lot of grief from my friends here about how bad the weather is in the UK, yet in my opinion Toulouse is worse!

“I had such high expectations for the south of France.”

Ally said: “The south of France is a little bit cheaper than what I am used to in the UK. Right now I have no plans to move.

“My boyfriend and I often say that we don’t know what the future holds so there is a chance we will live in the UK together.”

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