Brave tourists dive into jellyfish lake filled with crocodiles to take snaps

Palau in Micronesia is home to one of the most beautiful yet dangerous lakes in the world.

The lake is brimming with jellyfish and is famously known as Jellyfish Lake.

However, close to its waters filled with pretty and colourful sea critters is a sea of saltwater crocodiles.

This, of course, makes getting footage of the jellyfish more challenging but not for one group of brave tourists who jumped in and snapped away.

In the amazing photographs, the divers are wearing scuba diving gear and are surrounded by thousands of jellyfish swimming around them.

One diver can even be seen holding a jellyfish while wearing gloves.

The orange jellyfish are beautiful in their colourings with clear backs and an orange glow to them.

A female diver can be seen swimming in just a bikini around the jellyfish as she reaches out to hold them.

The lake is located on an uninhabited rock island off the coast of Koror in Palau.

Jellyfish Lake is one of 70 saltwater lakes on this South Pacific archipelago that were once connected to the ocean, but are now cut off.

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The isolated lakes became the perfect setting for a jellyfish explosion, which some speculate were trapped in the lake 12,000 years ago after a rise in sea levels post-Ice Age.

Feeding on quick-growing algae and with no predators to keep them in check, the jellyfish now completely pack the small lake.

Though the jellyfish do have stingers, they are too small to be felt by humans.

Scuba diving is not permitted in the lake as it may disturb the ecosystem.

During the day, the jellyfish migrate from one side of the lake to the other to follow the path of the sun, which feeds the algae they survive on.

Before swimming with the jellyfish, it is advised however to check with your tour guide or local authorities before participating in water activities due to bacterial layers and the saltwater lake crocodiles.

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