Best UK cities for dating from Manchester’s secret bars to Leeds Junkyard

Since last year, the dating game has picked back up in the UK after long lockdown in the years prior prevented lovers from meeting.

According to recent data, a whopping 220,000 searches for “date ideas” in Britain have been conducted Ince July 2021.

And, experts at FROM MARS have found the best UK cities for dates taking into account the number of restaurants, nightlife venues, romantic places and date idea searches per city.

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Using this information they’ve assigned each UK city an overall dating score based on the density of dating spots available in the area.

And, they’ve discovered the best cities to travel to if you want to take your date on a romantic day or night out.

In the top spot was Manchester with a total of 2,059 restaurants, 253 nightlife venues, 105 romantic places and 24,200 date night searches.

It achieved a dating score of 9.48.

When in Manchester you can enjoy one of the secret bars filled with retro sweets, old school games and immersive theatre as seen on Design My Night.

Or head on an outdoor treasure hunt …

Next up was Liverpool with 1,610 restaurants, 231 nightlife venues, 145 romantic places and 10,030 searches for date ideas.

Liverpool was awarded a score of 9.06.

Why not enjoy some classical music at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall or hop on the Wheel of Liverpool?

Leeds came in third with 1,697 restaurants, 183 nightlife venues, 87 romantic places and 9,710 searches for dating spots.

Its overall score was a cool 8.02.

When in Leeds, lovers can can experience a barmy night out at Junkyard Golf Club or admire the view from the Sky Lounge.

Rounding out the top five was Nottingham, with a dating score of 7.71 and Bristol, which bagged a score of 7.40.

The Top 10 UK dating cities:

  1. Manchester
  2. Liverpool
  3. Leeds
  4. Nottingham
  5. Bristol
  6. Brighton
  7. Glasgow
  8. London
  9. Leicester
  10. Southampton

Despite having a whopping 20,629 restaurants, 1,350 nightlife venues, 1,058 romantic places and 101,400 date night searches London scored in eighth place.

This is likely due to its whopping size as the Capital is 607square miles large compared to Manchester at just 45square miles and Liverpool at 43square miles.

London was found to have 33.99 dating spots per square mile.

Across the pine, Sand Francisco was found to be the dating spot with the highest density of romantic places in the US.


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