‘Bending’ glass bridge measuring 328ft opens and it boasts incredible views

A "bending" bridge which boasts incredible views has just opened in China.

The Ruyi Bridge, located in the Zhejiang Province, was first revealed back in 2017 before opening in 2020.

But before you get too excited, just note it's not for the fainthearted as it measures a whopping 328ft (100m).

At first the designs were met with skepticism with the wonky walkways standing 459ft (140m) above ground seeming unrealistic.

Luckily tourists seem to like it too, although some aren't quite sure about the design with one writing: "I'd want better handrails."

Another didn't seem too convinced about it being real, with a visitor saying: "I call it fake."

It has become a huge tourist attraction with more than 200,000 visitors making the wall between the two mountains since it opened.

The bridge design is inspired by a jade ruyi which is a curved object used as a symbol of good fortune in China.

And it is made with three undulating bridges with the deck partly made of glass.

The creators explained the design: "Intertwined into an undulating bridge body, visitors have a sense of experience when they pass.

"This rigid and soft shape is perfectly integrated with the natural scenery of the Fairy House, just like a jade ruyi in the sky."

Footage of the "bending" bridge went viral on social media recently with many taken by surprise.

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Back in November 2020, a Canadian astronaut named Chris Hadfield posted an eye-opening video of the Ruyi Bridge.

Meanwhile, this isn't the only bridge in the country which has left many people amazed over the past couple of years.

China is home to the world's longest and highest bridge which measures 1,400ft long and suspended 1,000ft above ground level.

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