Baggage handler warns Brits to avoid packing food in their luggage

When it comes to flying there are plenty of hand luggage rules to navigate, not to mention tips on your checked luggage such as avoiding plastic wraps.

Now, one baggage handler has warned Brits that there are some common items they may want to avoid including in their luggage altogether, as these can actually end up causing some chaos.

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The anonymous handler shared their advice on a thread in one of Reddit's popular 'ask me anything' forums, reports the Express.

One user asked,"What do people commonly pack into bags that they should not?".

The airport worker, posting under the username RoyalBlueEyes explained why something as simple as food could end up ruining someone's bags.

They warned: "Food! Omg food… Please don't pack food or drinks in your bag. They rot, break, leak, open.

It smells. Especially alcohol. Then I smell all day after picking up a bag that leaked on me.

"Same goes for cologne and perfume. Please wrap it well so it doesn't break." [SIC]

It's not the first time that holidaymakers have been urged not to pack food in their bags.

Most people know that you cannot bring liquids through security if they’re over 100ml. This also includes being banned from having more than one litre's worth of smaller bottles in your bag. However, these rules also extend to food. states: "Liquids in containers larger than 100ml generally cannot go through security even if the container is only part full. There are some exemptions."

It may seem obvious, but what is classed as a liquid isn’t always as you expect.

Sauces, jams and preserves, honey and chutney are all considered liquid foods.

Rich Quelch, an expert from Lifestyle Packaging explained: "Condiments and preserves are considered by airlines as liquid foods. Therefore, they cannot be over 100ml individually, or above one litre collectively.

"So, take care to check the volume of any liquid food items you want to bring home before you buy.

Mr Quelch added: "Olives in brine, or any other food item in brine or oil like gherkins or sundried tomatoes, also count as a liquid item when flying with hand luggage so you’ll need to confine it to jars, cans and pouches under 100ml."

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