‘Ant-infested bed!’ Family distraught after spending £2k on ‘atrocious’ Corfu holiday

Holidaymakers share their nightmare holiday to Corfu

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All-inclusive holidays are meant to be relaxing and stress-free with everything in abundance and paid for in advance. But for some families, this was not what they received as they revealed the nightmare holidays they had during the Channel 5 documentary When All Inclusive Holiday’s Go Horribly Wrong. 

Sasa Hwang and her partner Christopher saved hard to splash out £2,000 for a 10-day all inclusive summer break to Corfu with their two children. 

Sasa said: “I booked with On The Beach because I’ve seen the holiday, it was a reasonable price and it looked really nice.” 

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving as the young family found out when they arrived at the four-star Gelina Village resort in the early hours of the morning. 

“They told us they had overbooked – there weren’t enough rooms for us,” Christopher explained. “We were stood around waiting after a long trip, with luggage, the baby was upset.”

The family had to wait a few hours until staff found them a room. 

“We were alright until we saw ants,” Sasa added. 

Video footage the couple had taken of the room and the ants revealed the insects crawling up the walls. 

“Look at this,” Christoper said. “This is our bedroom – with a baby, right next to his cot. 

“Then we noticed ants on our bed, then we noticed a few more, basically it was ant-infested – on the walls, beds, floor. Running everywhere.” 

The couple went to reception to complain, and the hotel staff told Sasa and Christopher they’d move them but were unable to find them a suitable replacement room, leaving the family no option but to stay in the ant-infested room. 

The resort then came up with a “novel solution”. 

Sasa revealed: “To get rid of the ants, they have now put jam on here to attract more ants.” 

“There were just thousands of them everywhere, millions of them all over the floor, windows,” Christopher added. 

A cleaner did try to remove the ants for the couple, and after a sleepless first night, the family hoped the rest of the resort would live up to expectations. 

But when they headed out to find the children’s entertainment area, they were shocked to come across the hotel’s “very own tip”. 

Christopher videoed what the outside area looked like and said: “It’s got a dirty, smelly swamp just there to our left. It’s also got a load of rubbish bags over there.

“Bins overfilled, rubbish completely everywhere. Oh it stinks – oh God, that is atrocious.” 

He added: “We were shocked to see they had their own tip – if you want to call it that. Not acceptable, not something we’d experienced before.”

It wasn’t just hygiene in and around the resort that upset the young family. 

“We had been eating there [at the hotel], I ended up getting violently sick,” Christopher said. 

“I popped a blood vessel I was being sick that much.” 

“Then we all had diarrhoea,” Sasa added.

After an ant-infested room and an on-site rubbish dump, a dose of food poisoning proved to be the final straw for the family. 

They contacted the tour operator and asked to return early, before demanding compensation. 

In response, the hotel supplier, Jumbo Tours, provided documentation of training procedures and pest control records. 

The tour operator said: “Our customer’s experience is of the highest importance and we take any complaint very seriously. 

“In this instance, the customer first contacted us six days into their 10 day holiday, at which point we offered to arrange alternative accommodation for them. 

“When this was declined, we arranged for the customers’ party to travel home on earlier flights, at their request. 

“Legally, the contact was made between the customer and the hotel. But despite this, On the Beach offered the customer a partial refund as a goodwill gesture, in addition to the support we provided abroad, but this was declined.”

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