Amazon Customers Love This Under-$250 Smart TV — and It Makes a Great Last-minute Gift

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If you’re anything like I was and don’t quite understand what makes smart TVs different, worth it, and, well, smart, stay tuned. I’m an official convert from the world of regular TV monitors and I’ve been through the wringer in order to land on my current lockdown movie night set-up, which I take great pride in. So, fear not about replacing your current television with an impressive level up because this TCL 4K Smart TV makes it easier than ever to upgrade your TV time.

Setting up a new TV, especially one that involves apps and log-ins and other “smart” stuff, is usually a complete pain. The number of times I’ve done it since moving in to my apartment in March would make your head spin, but since landing on this TCL 4K Smart TV, my life (as it pertains to visual entertainment, at least) has been dramatically simplified. It took all of eight minutes to set-up this TV and get right back into my comfort-watching “The Office” (for the 16th rerun…who’s with me?) without skipping a beat.

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With 4K resolution, the professional standard used in cinema and broadcasting, this TV is built to make any show or movie appear the way it should — crystal clear with realistic vibrancy and no lag time. And since Roku is built in, I am able to simply speak into the Roku app to direct the TV screen to my favorite show, music videos, music, or other apps.

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Connectivity issues that used to result from my streaming device dongle (Roku, in this case) trying to connect with my WiFi, phone, speakers, and more is no longer an issue as this TCL model has everything I need already built in, from WiFi connectivity to every streaming platform I could want to use.

The perfect gift for any movie-lover or sitcom connoisseur stuck in quarantine or lockdown this winter, or maybe even homebound traveler missing the visuals of the Swiss Alps or the Brazilian rainforest, this TCL 4K Roku Smart TV is a modern-day essential.

To buy:, $228

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