Airport security rules for liquids: Hand luggage liquid regulations for British tourists

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Air passengers have been banned from taking large liquids onto planes after a terrorist plot was stopped in the UK. The terrorists planned to use 500ml plastic bottles to bring liquid explosives onto the plane.

After the pandemic brought international travel to a halt, many tourists feel a little rusty when it comes to airport security rules.

If a passenger doesn’t know the liquid rules, they could hold up other tourists at airport security.

Many Britons have faced travel chaos at UK airports this year due to a shortage of security staff.

Although some airlines have hired more staff ahead of the summer peak period, it’s still important to know how many liquids passengers can take on holiday in hand luggage.

What are the size restrictions on liquids?

There are tight restrictions on the size of liquids passengers can take through airport security in hand luggage.

Liquids include drinks, semi-liquid foods, cosmetics and toiletries, sprays, pastes, gels, contact lens solution or any other similar solutions.

Creams, lotions, oils and mascara all count as liquids under the UK airport security regulations.

All liquids must be under 100ml and must be in a container that holds no more than 100ml. Passengers can’t use bigger bottles that are half empty.

What kind of bag can passengers use for liquids?

Passengers must carry their liquids in a transparent, resealable plastic bag which holds no more than a litre.

The bag must be 20cm x 20cm and everything inside must fit comfortably so the bag can be sealed.

It must not be knotted or tied at the top and passengers are only allowed to have one bag of liquids each.

Passengers should remove their bag of liquids from their hand luggage at airport security so officials can see it.

Are any liquids allowed to be larger than 100ml?

Passengers will be allowed to take liquids that are larger than 100ml through security for certain reasons.

These include liquids for essential medical purposes, special dietary requirements or baby food or milk.
Other liquid rules

Passengers can only take one lighter in their hand luggage and should put it in a clear resealable bag.

They cannot carry a lighter in hold luggage or put it into their hand luggage after security screening.

How to bring more liquids on holiday

As many Britons now choose to fly with only hand luggage, many may struggle to take the liquids they need on holiday.

Airport retailers, including Boots, now offer a click and collect service where passengers can order and pick up larger liquids at duty free after security.

Passengers can also decant larger liquids into smaller bottles at home if they want to take more on holiday.

Britons will need to check the liquid rules in their destinations as some countries may have their own variations on the rules.

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