Airbnb nightmares: No lock on front door and ‘camera pointing towards the bathroom’

Shocking moment AirBnB host pushes tourist down stairs

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Airbnb is a great concept and can save holidaymakers a lot of money, but it’s not without its problems. On social media, there are millions of views of hashtags such as airbnbproblems or airbnbgonewrong.

Six guests check into an Airbnb every second, and in the UK, there are 175,000 listings of properties on the platform.

While the vast majority are great places to stay, some may not be the safest.

An Asher Fergusson study founded by ASIS International found the five most common causes of Airbnb guest complaints to be customer service problems, scams, cancellations by hosts, unsafe conditions and discrimination. 

TikTok user @Chassychassywowwow went viral when she filmed her Airbnb entrance.

The property was missing one very important feature: a front door lock.

Anyone could just walk into the property and Nick Higginson, CEO of Phoenix Health & Safety said holidaymakers should ask for “images of the exterior” before booking an Airbnb.

Nick said: “If you like the look of a property but it doesn’t have any images of the exterior, make sure you ask for them from the host.

“If they aren’t able to provide you with any, it can be a red flag and it would be wise to avoid booking with them.”

On Twitter, Jena Ezarik said: “What happens if you check into an Airbnb that looked so nice online but when you get there, it looks nothing like the photos, is dirty, scary, and you’re legit terrified for your life?”

Nick said would-be renters should ask for unedited pictures of the property before booking.

Once in the property, holidaymakers should look out for hidden cameras.

One American family booked an entire home in Virginia, only for their holiday to be a nightmare.

Jensey Diaz told ABC11: “Never had we stayed in an Airbnb where you walk in and there’s razors, toothbrushes, dirty underwear, and a hamper – all her belongings were in the Airbnb.”

Trying to ignore the obvious red flags, she went to dinner with her family, only to realise there was a camera inside the house.

She said: “That’s where I said, ‘We’re leaving, pack your stuff, get the dogs, get everything, let’s get out of here’.”

It got worse for the family, as they were confronted by the police, as the owner thought they were squatters.

Jon Denney wrote on Twitter about his own nightmare: “First, before checking out we find a camera pointing towards the bathroom door and report to support.

“Now support is shaking us down for $100 because we didn’t take out the trash.”

If the property is not up to scratch when holidaymakers arrive, Nick said they could be entitled to a refund.

He explained: “If you have booked somewhere that was falsely described, you may be entitled to a full refund with the platform provider.

“Make sure to take pictures of the accommodation and any health and safety risks or hazards that can make it easier for the customer service team to appropriately sanction the host.” has contacted Airbnb for comment.

Phoenix Health & Safety 

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