Air hostess claims flight attendants ‘often’ join Mile High Club with pilots

Plenty of us know someone who claims to have joined the Mile High Club.

While having sex in the cramped toilet of a plane doesn’t appeal to most Brits some have it written on their bucket list.

But, as it is illegal to have sex in a public lavatory in the UK it is always a risky move.

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We’d suggest it’s not worth getting into trouble over – especially as you can hire a plane specifically designed for love making for under a grand!

However, flight attendants and pilots spend more time on planes than the rest of us.

And, it seems they make the most of this and lots of cabin crew members have cheekily joined the club…

On Reddit, an air hostess opened up about her job in the skies – and claims that pilots and flight attendants get frisky on the regular.

They created a post bidding people to ask anything they like about working for an airline.

Typically, one person asked about the Mile High Club and the crew member’s reply might shock you.

They said: “Ok, I only had sex on a plane once, with myself. However, I had the opportunity a few times.

“When ever a pilot has to pee of the flight attendants has to go in to the flight deck so there are always two people in there at all times.

“Often pilots will use this as an excuse to join the mile high club with the attendants.”

The flight attendant added that it’s more common for the crew to get jiggy together, or with strangers, when on a lay-over in a hotel.

She noted: “It gets lonely on the road. Only thing is your new bedmate has to do the walk of shame in the morning past your crew.”


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