28 New Zealanders sent home from Australia, mainly for crime

More than two dozen New Zealanders have been sent home from Australia, mainly due to criminal activity.

Australian Border Force officers removed the 28 men last week for failing to comply with their visa conditions.

The 28 men were flown to Auckland on Tuesday and Wednesday on two charter flights.

Most had their visas cancelled for failing the character test after being convicted for serious crimes in Australia, including armed robbery, causing grievous bodily harm, torture, deprivation of liberty and domestic violence. Two had links to outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Before they were sent home, the men were kept in immigration detention in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Provisions under the Migration Act 1958 allow the home affairs minister to cancel a visa if a person is considered to not be of good character.

A person can fail the character test for several reasons, including circumstances where a non-citizen has a serious criminal record.

Non-citizens found to not meet character requirements, and whose visas are cancelled, are not entitled to stay in Australia.

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