£1,400 a night: COP26’s price hike – host adds thousands to booking and gets ‘blocked’

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COP26 is set to start this Sunday and the world will be watching closely what’s happening in Glasgow. One Scottish host took the opportunity as a sign he could hike the price of his property by $2,000.

Tan Copsey, who works for a US non-profit organisation, will be coming to Glasgow for the COP26 summit.

This will be his 10th UN climate summit.

He’d booked a two-bedroom flat in Glasgow’s west end three months ago, had already paid and had an agreement.

However, the host decided to hike up the price when he realised COP26 was coming to town.

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Seeing an increase of “400 percent in the area”, the host thought he’d “missed out on a great deal of money”.

Mr Copsey said: “I had already paid. We already had an agreement.

“The message essentially said: ‘I am pretty disappointed that you booked early because I have missed out on a whole lot of money.

“Prices in our area have gone up 400 percent and so I would like to charge you more.

“Specifically, in your currency, $2,000 more.”

Mr Copsey had already booked two weeks at the Glasgow property for £2,175.

He had no choice but to cancel his booking and find alternative accommodation.

He said: “The bigger thing that is happening is that all these people from around the world are coming to Glasgow and they are coming to do something that is really important and really good.”

“And I don’t think it is right that they are priced out because they are on Government salaries.

“They work for small non-profits in Africa or the Pacific Islands, and they are already paying a huge amount of money to get to Glasgow because of the pandemic and because of travel being disrupted.”

An Airbnb spokesperson said: “We have zero tolerance for this behaviour and have taken action against the host and blocked them from accepting other bookings during this period.

“The guest has been refunded in full and we have offered support in helping them find alternative accommodation.”

Mr Copsey’s would-be host was not the only person in Glasgow trying to squeeze as much money as possible from the COP26 summit.

One room which started at £42 per night was hiked up to £1,400 per night during the event.

Airbnb told BBC all revenues from stays in Glasgow during COP26 will be donated to Zero Waste Scotland. 

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