Southwest alters boarding procedure for social distancing

Southwest has modified its boarding process to better
maintain social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Passengers are being called to board 10 at a time sequentially by
their boarding position. 

The process replaces the carrier’s usual boarding procedure,
in which 30 passengers are called to board at once while another 30 passengers
are asked to line up just on the other side of the carrier’s boarding columns. 

Also, Southwest has begun limiting the number of seats it
will make available on any given flight. The measure is temporary as result of
the Covid-19 pandemic. The carrier said it is blocking about one-third of the

Southwest traditionally has a capacity of 143 on its Boeing
737-700 aircraft and 175 on its 737-800 planes. 

Other U.S. airlines have reduced flight capacity by blocking
middle seats. Southwest said it won’t take that step. Passengers can choose to
sit in any open seat, as always.

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