Peru Is Reopening Its Borders to International Flights From These 7 Countries

Cusco Cathedral in Peru

Peru is opening its borders to some international flights once again. However, if you’re an American, you’re still going to have to wait a little longer before you can enter the South American nation.

On Oct. 5, Peru opened flights from 11 cities in seven neighboring nations as part of its phase four economic reactivation. The countries include Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Panama, Uruguay, and Chile.

"The restart of international flights to these seven countries in the region will allow the recovery of tourism, and therefore a revitalization of the value chain of the sector, which throughout this time worked with us aiming the same objective: the reactivation of the activities that allow us to continue promoting Peru,” Luis Torres Paz, executive president of Promperú, shared in a statement.

The flights will resume thanks to a coordinated effort between Promperú, Mincetur, and the international airlines flying in and out from the above destinations. Passengers onboard all the flights will be required to wear a face shield and mask and present a negative COVID test taken no more than 72 hours prior to travel to enter Peru. Travelers must also sign a sworn statement agreeing to the country’s 14-day mandatory quarantine and confirm that they are symptom-free. Upon departure, travelers must once again present a negative COVID test as well.

According to Lonely Planet, flights to and from Europe may also open up to Peru soon. The website also explained that though flights between the seven nations may be open, that doesn’t mean it’s open to all. As an example, only Chileans can travel to and from Chile. Ecuadorians may not be able to travel to Peru then on to Chile, so really, this is a one-way deal.

No word yet on when flights to and from the United States will resume to Peru. However, The Points Guy found LATAM flights from Miami to Lima starting on Oct. 15. But just because the website found the flights does not mean they will be taking off. Before you go and make travel plans, it’s important to note that Peru will remain under a state of emergency and currently has the highest death rate from COVID-19 of any Latin American nation.

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