Flight Attendant Who Posted Racially Sensitive Tweets No Longer With Delta

A flight attendant with Delta Air Lines who posted racially sensitive tweets is no longer with the carrier, the company announced.

Kevin Jennings, a female flight attendant whose now-private Twitter handle is @kevintheflygirl, had posted some questionable tweets around race relations dating back at least to 2017.

“We have zero tolerance for racism, bigotry and hateful acts. The employee no longer works at Delta,” Delta spokesman Anthony Black told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper.

Delta said her departure followed a full investigation into her posts, but the airline declined to say whether she was fired, resigned or took the buyout Delta is offering employees.

Reached by the newspaper, Jennings said “I’m not going to be making a statement at this time.”

Jennings’ tweets included:

@CNN @maddow @CBSNews @BBCWorld @ABC @washingtonpost @Delta @ed_bastian a Delta flight attendant. pic.twitter.com/5tcFZ5bHVd

– In 2017, in response to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem: “Are we going to #takeaknee at The Olympic Games? How embarrassing that notion is. Grow up people.”

– On Nov. 6, 2019, in response to a tweet about a Somali native winning a seat on the city council in a Minnesota town: “how in the name of God did a non-English speaking candidate get on the ballot??? Don’t you have to pass a citizen test?? Or do refugees get to skip that? This is way more than outrageous.”

– On May 29, 2020, in response to a tweet about Antifa: “I see plenty of scrawny black anarchists out there too.”

– On June 7, 2020, Jennings responded to a post about a police chief who joined protesters lying on the ground in solidarity: “I’m not sure what this proves??? Other than this cop is a follower, which means he is not a leader.”

Ironically, according to the aviation-centric website Jetiquette, Jennings refers to herself as Delta’s “Culture Keeper” who is often asked by management to talk with fellow flight attendants and downplay the idea of joining a union. Last year, she won the airline’s prestigious Chairman’s Club award, given to employees who embody Delta’s values.

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