Walks near me: Explore the beautiful east coast with walks near Newcastle

Britons in have begun to enjoy the simple life recently since the government sent the UK into lockdown back in March. And that means the pleasures of walking amongst nature and exploring local trails has become even more popular. Now that lockdown rules have been lifted, more people are looking to explore slightly further afield. For those wishing to escape the bustle of Newcastle and enjoy the stunning east coastline, here are five walks to try.


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South Shields to Sunderland

If you want a scenic but less challenging walk, along the coast then this is perfect for you.

The walk is almost completely flat and takes you along the cliffs which are tricky but beautiful.

How far is the walk from South Shields to Sunderland?

Around 13.4 kilometres or 8.3 miles from point to point which will take around three or four hours depending on your pace.

The trail is perfect for those enjoy walks, trail running and nature trips.

How do I get to South Shields?

Newcastle upon Tyne to South Shields takes 27 minutes via car and is around 11 miles.

It takes a little longer via train but there is a direct route from Central Station to South Shields that takes 46 minutes.

Is there anything else nearby?

Along the way you will see Souter lighthouse which has a cafe that’s perfect for a quick cup of tea along the way.

Another good stop is Marsden Grotto which is great for a spot of lunch or a pint.

Jesmond Dene

Jesmond Dene offers the perfect picturesque stroll for a Sunday afternoon.

It’s a great trail if you fancy a picnic in the sun.

How far is the walk at Jesmond Dene?

The Dene is just under two miles long which is perfect for a short stroll.

How do I get to Jesmond Dene?

Jesmond Dene is under seven miles from the airport and a gentle 10-15 minute walk from central Newcastle.

Is there anything else nearby?

The Dene is home to Jesmond Dene House, a waterfall, an old mill and pet’s corner amongst others which means there’s plenty to do.

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Tynemouth Beach to Whitley Bay, North Tyneside

This is a great walk during the summer and the winter that is truly beautiful.

How far is the walk at Tynemouth Beach?

The walk is around three miles which will take you around an hour depending on your pace.

The walk begins at Tynemouth and heads towards the beach at Long Sands and past Cullercoats Bay.

How do I get to Tynemouth Beach?

Tynemouth beach is just nine miles from the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

It takes 20 minutes by car and 30 minutes by train which are both direct routes.

Is there anything else nearby?

Sharpness Point and Tynemouth Castle are both worth visiting.

After leaving the castle you continue past Tynemouth Pier which stretches out to sea for about 900 yards (810 metres).

The pier is home to a lighthouse which has great views of the castle and the mouth of the River Tyne.

Warkworth Hermitage

Located on the grounds of Warworth Castle, this is definitely worth a visit.

How far is the walk?

The walk is around half a mile or so along the river bank from Warkworth which would take you around 20 minutes.

The walk will take you to the crossing point for for the Warkworth Hermitage.

A ferryman will take you across the river, and from there it’s a short walk to the Hermitage.

How do I get to Warkworth Hermitage?

It takes 45 minutes by car and one hour 45 minutes by train to get to Warkworth Hermitage.

Is there anything else nearby?

The Hermitage itself is the main attraction here.

Warkworth Hermitage is a chapel and priest’s house built within a cliff-face on the north bank of the River Coquet close to the castle.

Marsden Circular Walk, South Tyneside

The Marsden Circular Walk is another stunning coastal walk that will take you along the sea cliffs of South Tyneside.

How far is the Marsden Circular Walk?

The walk is around seven miles and could take a few hours depending on your pace.

How do I get to Marsden?

The walk begins at Marsden Rock which is half an hour by car from Newcastle upon Tyne.

There’s also public transport links that take just over an hour from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Is there anything else nearby?

The Marsden Circular walk is a fantastic walk over Cleadon Hills and along the sea cliffs, passing by Windmill Fields, Marsden Old Quarry and Souter Lighthouse.

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